Condition Zero Version History

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An overview of the changes CZ has gone through from its release up until now. Version changes are highlighted so you don\'t miss any important additions.

Counter-Strike Condition Zero was released through STEAM and in retail stores on March the 23rd, 2004. Since its release it has undergone a lot of changes and many new features have been added. This page will give you and overview of what exactly has been done to the game. [06.03.2004] CZ V1.2 Version 1.2 has some more dramatic gameplay changes. It features a new hostage AI which lets them try to escape on their own, call out for help when you are near them and other cool actions. In addition to that there were also two new player models added, the SPETSNAZ (CT) and Militia (T), and two new maps, de_sienna_cz and de_vostok_cz. Full CS: CZ v1.2 Changelog
  • Added new hostage models and animations
  • Added new hostage behaviors and dialogue
  • Added SPETSNAZ and Militia player models
  • Added crosshair customization (color, size, opacity)
  • Added player location system
  • Added exponential fog in OpenGL
  • Added in-game vgui progress bar for nav mesh analysis
  • Added de_sienna_cz
  • Added de_vostok_cz
  • Upgraded de_inferno_cz
  • Upgraded deagle view texture
  • Updated cs_italy_cz with 32 spawns
  • Upgraded weapon UI images
  • Tweaked glock and USP sounds
  • Tweaked snow walking sound
  • Corpses fade out with cl_corpse_stay
  • Grenades are dropped on death
  • Improved player turning right hitbox behavior
  • Improved shield behavior
  • Improved brass ejection behavior
  • Bots can use silencer on m4a1
  • Improved bot_auto_vacate behavior with spectators
  • Career tasks are reset on mp_restartround
  • Improved tutor behavior
  • hud_draw 0 doesn\'t remove blackout
  • Scope blackout drawn in software mode
  • Flashlight sound no longer masks weapon firing sounds
  • Improved text behavior in top-right corner of observer mode
  • Round timer doesn\'t re-appear until the round restarts when the bomb is defused or explodes
  • Improved player model hands
  • [04.28.2004] CZ V1.1 Condition Zero v1.1 introduced something many people had been waiting for. Finally high definition models and weapons skins have been added to the game. A custom mission creation kit was also added which lets users create their own "Tour of Duty" campaigns. Full CS: CZ v1.1 Changelog
  • New high-definition player models
  • New high-definition weapon models
  • New high-definition sound effects
  • New Buy Package system
  • Custom Mission Pack support
  • Updated de_stadium_cz
  • Updated de_dust_cz
  • Added solid radar option
  • Various other improvements
  • Here is a complete list of all changes done to Condition Zero, not only the ones from version number changes.


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