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1. What is BananaExchange?

BananaExchange is a GameBanana incentive program to reward modders and other site contributors for their efforts. When you contribute to GameBanana, you receive points, and you can now redeem these points for game keys on BananaExchange. This is GameBanana's way of saying thanks for supporting the modding scene.

2. What keys are available?

Available keys can be viewed on BananaExchange.

3. When are new keys added?

Typically new keys are added weekly.

4. Do keys change in price?

Yes. Key prices are subject to change at any time, subject to availability and market price.

5. Can I donate keys to BananaExchange's inventory?

Possibly. If you're a game developer and have direct access to freshly minted keys, or if you're a reputable key trader, we're open to and thankful for your offer of key donations. Contact tom.

6. Can I refund a key?

Yes. See our full refund policy. If you haven't activated the key and you don't have a history of key refund requests you'll typically receive an immediate refund.

7. Where do BananaExchange's keys come from?

All our keys come directly from game developers or other reputable sources.



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