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Rules that apply to app submissions.

1.0 Construction Time Limit

Submitted apps must be completed within six months. Any module marked as "under construction" for longer than six months will be deleted without notice.

1.0.1 App Limitations

Each member may have only one app marked as "under construction" at any one time. Any apps over this limit will be deleted without notice. If there is a good reason you need more than one module under construction at the same time, please contact a moderator first.

1.1 Abuse

With the amount of customization available for 3rd party apps, it's important to note that any apps that contain code designed to abuse, interfere with or confuse the user is strictly forbidden.

1.2 Advertising

Advertisements promoting external businesses, products or services are not permitted. For more detailed advertising rules, please see the User Advertising rules.

1.3 Non-English Content

This is an English only site. All module content must be in English.

1.4 Description

All apps must have a description that explains what the app is and what it does.

1.5 Broken Apps

Broken apps will be deleted if the module is not repaired within 14 days of notification, whether or not the submitter has been online in those 14 days. Official apps are an exception to this rule.

1.6 Non-Compliance

Non-compliance with any of the above clauses, unless otherwise noted, will result in your submission being deleted.

If you are having trouble understanding any of these rules, please contact a moderator or administrator before submitting. To view a list of moderators and administrators, head over to this page.


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