Cvars and Commands

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A complete list of commands for Doom 3.

aas_goalArea aas_pullPlayer aas_randomPullPlayer aas_showAreas aas_showFlyPath aas_showHideArea aas_showPath aas_showPushIntoArea aas_showWallEdges aas_test
af_contactFrictionScale - scales the contact friction af_forceFriction - force the given friction value af_highlightBody - name of the body to highlight af_highlightConstraint - name of the constraint to highlight af_jointFrictionScale - scales the joint friction af_maxAngularVelocity - maximum angular velocity af_maxLinearVelocity - maximum linear velocity af_showActive - show tree-like structures of articulated figures not at rest af_showBodies - show bodies af_showBodyNames - show body names af_showConstrainedBodies - show the two bodies contrained by the highlighted constraint af_showConstraintNames - show constraint names af_showConstraints - show constraints af_showInertia - show the inertia tensor of each body af_showLimits - show joint limits af_showMass - show the mass of each body af_showPrimaryOnly - show primary constraints only af_showTimings - show articulated figure cpu usage af_showTotalMass - show the total mass of each articulated figure af_showTrees - show tree-like structures af_showVelocity - show the velocity of each body af_skipFriction - skip friction af_skipLimits - skip joint limits af_skipSelfCollision - skip self collision detection af_testSolid - test for bodies initially stuck in solid af_timeScale - scales the time af_useImpulseFriction - use impulse based contact friction af_useJointImpulseFriction - use impulse based joint friction af_useLinearTime - use linear time algorithm for tree-like structures af_useSymmetry - use constraint matrix symmetry
ai_blockedFailSafe - enable blocked fail safe handling ai_debugMove - draws movement information for monsters ai_debugScript - displays script calls for the specified monster entity number ai_debugTrajectory - draws trajectory tests for monsters ai_showCombatNodes - draws attack cones for monsters ai_showObstacleAvoidance - draws obstacle avoidance information for monsters. if 2, draws obstacles for player, as well ai_showPaths - draws path_* entities ai_testPredictPath
cm_backFaceCull - cull back facing polygons cm_debugCollision - debug the collision detection cm_drawColor - color used to draw the collision models cm_drawFilled - draw filled polygons cm_drawInternal - draw internal edges green cm_drawMask - collision mask cm_drawNormals - draw polygon and edge normals cm_testAngle cm_testBox cm_testBoxRotation cm_testCollision cm_testLength cm_testModel cm_testOrigin cm_testRadius cm_testRandomMany cm_testReset cm_testRotation cm_testTimes cm_testWalk
com_allowConsole - allow ~ to toggle console com_asyncInput - sample input from the async thread com_asyncSound - mix sound from the async thread com_aviDemoHeight com_aviDemoSamples com_aviDemoTics com_aviDemoWidth com_compressDemos com_compressSaveGame - compress save games com_fixedTic com_forceGenericSIMD - force generic platform independent SIMD com_guid com_journal - 1 = record journal, 2 = play back journal com_logDemos com_machineSpec - hardware classification, -1 = not detected, 0 = low quality, 1 = medium quality, 2 = high quality, 3 = ultra quality com_makingBuild - 1 when making a build com_memoryMarker - used as a marker for memory stats com_minTics com_preciseTic - run one game tick every async thread update com_preloadDemos com_purgeAll - purge everything between level loads com_showAngles com_showAsyncStats - show async network stats com_showDemo com_showFPS - show frames rendered per second com_showMemoryUsage - show total and per frame memory usage com_showSoundDecoders - show sound decoders com_showTics com_skipGameDraw com_skipRenderer - skip the renderer completely com_speeds - show engine timings com_timestampPrints - print time with each console print, 1 = msec 2 = sec com_updateLoadSize - update the load size after loading a map com_videoRam - holds the last amount of detected video ram com_wipeSeconds
con_noPrint - print on the console but not onscreen when console is pulled up con_notifyTime - time messages are displayed onscreen when console is pulled up con_speed - speed at which the console moves up and down
decl_show - set to 1 to print parses, 2 to also print references developer EntityPlacement
fs_basepath fs_caseSensitiveOS fs_cdpath fs_copyfiles fs_debug fs_devpath fs_game fs_restrict fs_savepath
g_armorProtection - armor takes this percentage of damage g_armorProtectionMP - armor takes this percentage of damage in mp g_balanceTDM - maintain even teams g_blobSize g_blobTime g_bloodEffects - show blood splats, sprays and gibs g_cinematic - skips updating entities that aren't marked 'cinematic' '1' during cinematics g_cinematicMaxSkipTime - # of seconds to allow game to run when skipping cinematic. prevents lock-up when cinematic doesn't end. g_countDown - pregame countdown in seconds g_damageScale - scale final damage on player by this factor g_debugAnim - displays information on which animations are playing on the specified entity number. set to -1 to disable. g_debugBounds - checks for models with bounds > 2048 g_debugCinematic g_debugDamage g_debugMove g_debugMover g_debugScript g_debugTriggers g_debugWeapon g_decals - show decals such as bullet holes g_disasm - disassemble script into base/script disasm.txt on the local drive when script is compiled g_doubleVision - show double vision when taking damage g_dragDamping g_dragEntity - allows dragging physics objects around by placing the crosshair over them and holding the fire button g_dragShowSelection g_dropItemRotation g_dvAmplitude g_dvFrequency g_dvTime g_editEntityMode - 0 = off 1 = lights 2 = sounds 3 = articulated figures 4 = particle systems 5 = monsters 6 = entity names 7 = entity models g_exportMask g_flushSave - 1 = don't buffer file writing for save games. g_fov g_frametime - displays timing information for each game frame g_gameReviewPause - scores review time in seconds (at end game) g_gravity g_gunX g_gunY g_gunZ g_healthTakeAmt - how much health to take in nightmare mode g_healthTakeLimit - how low can health get taken in nightmare mode g_healthTakeTime - how often to take health in nightmare mode g_kickAmplitude g_kickTime g_knockback g_mapCycle - map cycling script for multiplayer games - see mapcycle.scriptcfg g_maxShowDistance g_monsters g_mpWeaponAngleScale - Control the weapon sway in MP g_muzzleFlash - show muzzle flashes g_nightmare - if nightmare mode is allowed g_password - game password g_projectileLights - show dynamic lights on projectiles g_showActiveEntities - draws boxes around thinking entities. dormant entities (outside of pvs) are drawn yellow. non-dormant are green. g_showBrass - enables ejected shells from weapon g_showcamerainfo - displays the current frame # for the camera when playing cinematics g_showCollisionModels g_showCollisionTraces g_showCollisionWorld g_showEnemies - draws boxes around monsters that have targeted the the player g_showEntityInfo g_showHud g_showPlayerShadow - enables shadow of player model g_showProjectilePct - enables display of player hit percentage g_showPVS g_showTargets - draws entities and their targets. hidden entities are drawn grey. g_showTestModelFrame - displays the current animation and frame # for testmodels g_showTriggers - draws trigger entities (orange) and their targets (green). disabled triggers are drawn grey. g_showviewpos g_skill g_skipFX g_skipParticles g_skipViewEffects - skip damage and other view effects g_spectatorChat - let spectators talk to everyone during game g_stopTime g_TDMArrows - draw arrows over teammates in team deathmatch g_testDeath g_testHealthVision g_testModelAnimate - test model animation, 0 = cycle anim with origin reset 1 = cycle anim with fixed origin 2 = cycle anim with continuous origin 3 = frame by frame with continuous origin 4 = play anim once g_testModelBlend - number of frames to blend g_testModelRotate - test model rotation speed g_testParticle - test particle visualation, set by the particle editor g_testParticleName - name of the particle being tested by the particle editor g_testPostProcess - name of material to draw over screen g_timeEntities - when non-zero, shows entities whose think functions exceeded the # of milliseconds specified g_useDynamicProtection - scale damage and armor dynamically to keep the player alive more often g_vehicleForce g_vehicleVelocity g_viewNodalX g_viewNodalZ g_voteFlags - vote flags. bit mask of votes not allowed on this server gamedate gamename
gui_configServerRate gui_debug gui_edit gui_filter_gameType - Gametype filter gui_filter_password - Password filter gui_filter_players - Players filter gui_mediumFontLimit gui_smallFontLimit
ik_debug - show IK debug lines ik_enable - enable IK image_anisotropy - set the maximum texture anisotropy if available image_cacheMegs - maximum MB set aside for temporary loading of full-sized precompressed images image_cacheMinK - maximum KB of precompressed files to read at specification time image_colorMipLevels - development aid to see texture mip usage image_downSize - controls texture downsampling image_downSizeBump - controls normal map downsampling image_downSizeBumpLimit - controls normal map downsample limit image_downSizeLimit - controls diffuse map downsample limit image_downSizeSpecular - controls specular downsampling image_downSizeSpecularLimit - controls specular downsampled limit image_filter - changes texture filtering on mipmapped images image_forceDownSize image_ignoreHighQuality - ignore high quality setting on materials image_lodbias - change lod bias on mipmapped images image_preload - if 0, dynamically load all images image_roundDown - round bad sizes down to nearest power of two image_showBackgroundLoads - 1 = print number of outstanding background loads image_useAllFormats - allow alpha/intensity/luminance luminance+alpha image_useCache - 1 = do background load image caching image_useCompression - 0 = force everything to high quality image_useNormalCompression - 2 = use rxgb compression for normal maps, 1 = use 256 color compression for normal maps if available image_useOfflineCompression - write a batch file for offline compression of DDS files image_usePrecompressedTextures - use .dds files if present image_writeNormalTGA - write .tgas of the final normal maps for debugging image_writeNormalTGAPalletized - write .tgas of the final palletized normal maps for debugging image_writePrecompressedTextures - write .dds files if necessary image_writeTGA - write .tgas of the non normal maps for debugging
in_alwaysRun - always run (reverse _speed button) - only in MP in_anglespeedkey - angle change scale when holding down _speed button in_freeLook - look around with mouse (reverse _mlook button) in_mouse - enable mouse input in_pitchspeed - pitch change speed when holding down look _lookUp or _lookDown button in_yawspeed - yaw change speed when holding down _left or _right button lcp_showFailures - show LCP solver failures logFile - 1 = buffer log, 2 = flush after each print logFileName - name of log file, if empty, qconsole.log will be used
m_pitch - mouse pitch scale m_showMouseRate - shows mouse movement m_smooth - number of samples blended for mouse viewing m_strafeScale - mouse strafe movement scale m_strafeSmooth - number of samples blended for mouse moving m_yaw - mouse yaw scale mod_validSkins - valid skins for the game
net_allowCheats - Allow cheats in network game net_channelShowDrop - show dropped packets net_channelShowPackets - show all packets net_clientMaxRate - maximum rate requested by client from server in bytes/sec net_clientPredictGUI - test guis in networking without prediction net_clientPrediction - additional client side prediction in milliseconds net_clientRemoteConsoleAddress - remote console address net_clientRemoteConsolePassword - remote console password net_clientServerTimeout - server time out in seconds net_clientShowSnapshot net_clientShowSnapshotRadius net_clientSmoothing net_clientUsercmdBackup - number of usercmds to resend net_forceDrop - percentage packet loss net_forceLatency - milliseconds latency net_ip - local IP address net_LANServer - config LAN games only - affects clients and servers net_master0 - idnet master server address net_master1 - 1st master server address net_master2 - 2nd master server address net_master3 - 3rd master server address net_master4 - 4th master server address net_port - local IP port number net_serverAllowServerMod - allow server-side mods net_serverClientTimeout - client time out in seconds net_serverDedicated - 1 = text console dedicated server, 2 = graphical dedicated server net_serverDrawClient - number of client for which to draw view on server net_serverMaxClientRate - maximum rate to a client in bytes/sec net_serverMaxUsercmdRelay - maximum number of usercmds from other clients the server relays to a client net_serverReloadEngine - perform a full reload on next map restart (including flushing referenced pak files) - decreased if > 0 net_serverRemoteConsolePassword - remote console password net_serverSnapshotDelay - delay between snapshots in milliseconds net_serverZombieTimeout - disconnected client timeout in seconds net_socksEnabled net_socksPassword net_socksPort net_socksServer net_socksUsername net_verbose - 1 = verbose output, 2 = even more verbose output
password - client password used when connecting pm_air - how long in milliseconds the player can go without air before he starts taking damage pm_bboxwidth - x/y size of player's bounding box pm_bobpitch pm_bobroll pm_bobup pm_crouchbob - bob much faster when crouched pm_crouchheight - height of player's bounding box while crouched pm_crouchrate - time it takes for player's view to change from standing to crouching pm_crouchspeed - speed the player can move while crouched pm_crouchviewheight - height of player's view while crouched pm_deadheight - height of player's bounding box while dead pm_deadviewheight - height of player's view while dead pm_jumpheight - approximate hieght the player can jump pm_maxviewpitch - amount player's view can look down pm_minviewpitch - amount player's view can look up (negative values are up) pm_modelView - draws camera from POV of player model (1 = always, 2 = when dead) pm_noclipspeed - speed the player can move while in noclip pm_normalheight - height of player's bounding box while standing pm_normalviewheight - height of player's view while standing pm_runbob - bob faster when running pm_runpitch pm_runroll pm_runspeed - speed the player can move while running pm_spectatebbox - size of the spectator bounding box pm_spectatespeed - speed the player can move while spectating pm_stamina - length of time player can run pm_staminarate - rate that player regains stamina. divide pm_stamina by this value to determine how long it takes to fully recharge.\ pm_staminathreshold - when stamina drops below this value, player gradually slows to a walk pm_stepsize - maximum height the player can step up without jumping pm_thirdPerson - enables third person view pm_thirdPersonAngle - direction of camera from player in 3rd person in degrees (0 = behind player, 180 = in front) pm_thirdPersonClip - clip third person view into world space pm_thirdPersonDeath - enables third person view when player dies pm_thirdPersonHeight - height of camera from normal view height in 3rd person pm_thirdPersonRange - camera distance from player in 3rd person pm_usecylinder - use a cylinder approximation instead of a bounding box for player collision detection pm_walkbob - bob slowly when walking pm_walkspeed - speed the player can move while walking
r_brightness - changes gamma tables r_cgFragmentProfile - arbfp1, fp30 r_cgVertexProfile - arbvp1, vp20, vp30 r_checkBounds - compare all surface bounds with precalculated ones r_clear - force screen clear every frame, 1 = purple, 2 = black, 'r g b' = custom r_customHeight - custom screen height r_customWidth - custom screen width r_debugArrowStep - step size of arrow cone line rotation in degrees r_debugLineDepthTest - perform depth test on debug lines r_debugLineWidth - width of debug lines r_debugPolygonFilled - draw a filled polygon r_demonstrateBug - used during development to show IHV's their problems r_displayRefresh - optional display refresh rate option for vid mode r_finish - force a call to glFinish() every frame r_flareSize - scale the flare deforms from the material def r_forceLoadImages - draw all images to screen after registration r_frontBuffer - draw to front buffer for debugging r_fullscreen - 0 = windowed, 1 = full screen r_gamma - changes gamma tables r_glDriver - "opengl32", etc. r_hdr_bloomFraction - fraction to smear across neighbors r_hdr_exposure - maximum light scale r_hdr_gamma - monitor gamma power r_hdr_monitorDither - random dither in monitor space r_hdr_useFloats - use a floating point rendering buffer r_ignore - used for random debugging without defining new vars r_ignore2 - used for random debugging without defining new vars r_ignoreGLErrors - ignore GL errors r_inhibitFragmentProgram - ignore the fragment program extension r_jitter - randomly subpixel jitter the projection matrix r_jointNameOffset - offset of joint names when r_showskel is set to 1 r_jointNameScale - size of joint names when r_showskel is set to 1 r_lightAllBackFaces - light all the back faces, even when they would be shadowed r_lightScale - all light intensities are multiplied by this r_lightSourceRadius - for soft-shadow sampling r_lockSurfaces - allow moving the view point without changing the composition of the scene, including culling r_logFile - number of frames to emit GL logs r_materialOverride - overrides all materials r_megaTextureLevel - draw only a specific level r_mergeModelSurfaces - combine model surfaces with the same material r_mode - video mode number r_multiSamples - number of antialiasing samples r_offsetfactor - polygon offset parameter r_offsetunits - polygon offset parameter r_orderIndexes - perform index reorganization to optimize vertex use r_renderer - hardware specific renderer path to use r_sb_biasScale - scale factor for jitter bias r_sb_frustomFOV - oversize FOV for point light side matching r_sb_jitterScale - scale factor for jitter offset r_sb_lightResolution - Pixel dimensions for each shadow buffer, 64 2048 r_sb_linearFilter - use GL_LINEAR instead of GL_NEAREST on shadow maps r_sb_noShadows - don't draw any occluders r_sb_occluderFacing - 0 = front faces, 1 = back faces, 2 = midway between r_sb_polyOfsFactor - polygonOffset factor for drawing shadow buffer r_sb_polyOfsUnits - polygonOffset units for drawing shadow buffer r_sb_randomize - randomly offset jitter texture each draw r_sb_samples - 0, 1, 4, or 16 r_sb_screenSpaceShadow - build shadows in screen space instead of on surfaces r_sb_showFrustumPixels - color the pixels contained in the frustum r_sb_singleSide - only draw a single side (0-5) of point lights r_sb_useCulling - cull geometry to individual side frustums r_sb_usePbuffer - draw offscreen r_sb_viewResolution - Width of screen space shadow sampling r_screenFraction - for testing fill rate, the resolution of the entire screen can be changed r_shadowPolygonFactor - scale value for stencil shadow drawing r_shadowPolygonOffset - bias value added to depth test for stencil shadow drawing r_shadows - enable shadows r_showAlloc - report alloc/free counts r_showCull - report sphere and box culling stats r_showDefs - report the number of modeDefs and lightDefs in view r_showDemo - report reads and writes to the demo file r_showDepth - display the contents of the depth buffer and the depth range r_showDominantTri - draw lines from vertexes to center of dominant triangles r_showDynamic - report stats on dynamic surface generation r_showEdges - draw the sil edges r_showEntityScissors - show entity scissor rectangles r_showImages - 1 = show all images instead of rendering, 2 = show in proportional size r_showIntensity - draw the screen colors based on intensity, red = 0, green = 128, blue = 255 r_showInteractionFrustums - 1 = show a frustum for each interaction, 2 = also draw lines to light origin, 3 = also draw entity bbox r_showInteractions - report interaction generation activity r_showInteractionScissors - 1 = show screen rectangle which contains the interaction frustum, 2 = also draw construction lines r_showLightCount - 1 = colors surfaces based on light count, 2 = also count everything through walls, 3 = also print overdraw r_showLights - 1 = just print volumes numbers, highlighting ones covering the view, 2 = also draw planes of each volume, 3 = also draw edges of each volume r_showLightScale - report the scale factor applied to drawing for overbrights r_showLightScissors - show light scissor rectangles r_showMegaTexture - display all the level images r_showMegaTextureLabels - draw colored blocks in each tile r_showMemory - print frame memory utilization r_showNormals - draws wireframe normals r_showOverDraw - 1 = geometry overdraw, 2 = light interaction overdraw, 3 = geometry and light interaction overdraw r_showPortals - draw portal outlines in color based on passed / not passed r_showPrimitives - report drawsurf/index/vertex counts r_showShadowCount - colors screen based on shadow volume depth complexity, >= 2 = print overdraw count based on stencil index values, 3 = only show turboshadows, 4 = only show static shadows r_showShadows - 1 = visualize the stencil shadow volumes, 2 = draw filled in r_showSilhouette - highlight edges that are casting shadow planes r_showSkel - draw the skeleton when model animates, 1 = draw model with skeleton, 2 = draw skeleton only r_showSmp - show which end (front or back) is blocking r_showSurfaceInfo - show surface material name under crosshair r_showSurfaces - report surface/light/shadow counts r_showTangentSpace - shade triangles by tangent space, 1 = use 1st tangent vector, 2 = use 2nd tangent vector, 3 = use normal vector r_showTexturePolarity - shade triangles by texture area polarity r_showTextureVectors - if > 0 draw each triangles texture (tangent) vectors r_showTrace - show the intersection of an eye trace with the world r_showTris - enables wireframe rendering of the world, 1 = only draw visible ones, 2 = draw all front facing, 3 = draw all r_showUnsmoothedTangents - if 1, put all nvidia register combiner programming in display lists r_showUpdates - report entity and light updates and ref counts r_showVertexCache r_showVertexColor - draws all triangles with the solid vertex color r_showViewEntitys - 1 = displays the bounding boxes of all view models, 2 = print index numbers r_singleArea - only draw the portal area the view is actually in r_singleEntity - suppress all but one entity r_singleLight - suppress all but one light r_singleSurface - suppress all but one surface on each entity r_singleTriangle - only draw a single triangle per primitive r_skipAmbient - bypasses all non-interaction drawing r_skipBackEnd - don't draw anything r_skipBlendLights - skip all blend lights r_skipBump - uses a flat surface instead of the bump map r_skipCopyTexture - do all rendering, but don't actually copyTexSubImage2D r_skipDeforms - leave all deform materials in their original state r_skipDiffuse - use black for diffuse r_skipDynamicTextures - don't dynamically create textures r_skipFogLights - skip all fog lights r_skipFrontEnd - bypasses all front end work, but 2D gui rendering still draws r_skipGuiShaders - 1 = skip all gui elements on surfaces, 2 = skip drawing but still handle events, 3 = draw but skip events r_skipInteractions - skip all light/surface interaction drawing r_skipLightScale - don't do any post-interaction light scaling, makes things dim on low-dynamic range cards r_skipMegaTexture - only use the lowest level image r_skipNewAmbient - bypasses all vertex/fragment program ambient drawing r_skipOverlays - skip overlay surfaces r_skipParticles - 1 = skip all particle systems r_skipPostProcess - skip all post-process renderings r_skipRender - skip 3D rendering, but pass 2D r_skipRenderContext - NULL the rendering context during backend 3D rendering r_skipROQ - skip ROQ decoding r_skipSpecular - use black for specular1 r_skipSubviews - 1 = don't render any gui elements on surfaces r_skipSuppress - ignore the per-view suppressions r_skipTranslucent - skip the translucent interaction rendering r_skipUpdates - 1 = don't accept any entity or light updates making everything static r_slopNormal - merge normals that dot less than this r_slopTexCoord - merge texture coordinates this far apart r_slopVertex - merge xyz coordinates this far apart r_subviewOnly - 1 = don't render main view, allowing subviews to be debugged r_swapInterval - changes wglSwapIntarval r_terrainScale - vertically scale USGS data r_testARBProgram - experiment with vertex/fragment programs r_testGamma - if > 0 draw a grid pattern to test gamma levels r_testGammaBias - if > 0 draw a grid pattern to test gamma levels r_testStepGamma - if > 0 draw a grid pattern to test gamma levels r_useCachedDynamicModels - cache snapshots of dynamic models r_useClippedLightScissors - 0 = full screen when near clipped, 1 = exact when near clipped, 2 = exact always r_useCombinerDisplayLists - put all nvidia register combiner programming in display lists r_useConstantMaterials - use pre-calculated material registers if possible r_useCulling - 0 = none, 1 = sphere, 2 = sphere + box r_useDeferredTangents - defer tangents calculations after deform r_useDepthBoundsTest - use depth bounds test to reduce shadow fill r_useEntityCallbacks - if 0, issue the callback immediately at update time, rather than defering r_useEntityCulling - 0 = none, 1 = box r_useEntityScissors - 1 = use custom scissor rectangle for each entity r_useExternalShadows - 1 = skip drawing caps when outside the light volume, 2 = force to no caps for testing r_useFrustumFarDistance - if != 0 force the view frustum far distance to this distance r_useIndexBuffers - use ARB_vertex_buffer_object for indexes r_useInfiniteFarZ - use the no-far-clip-plane trick r_useInteractionCulling - 1 = cull interactions r_useInteractionScissors - 1 = use a custom scissor rectangle for each shadow interaction, 2 = also crop using portal scissors r_useInteractionTable - create a full entityDefs * lightDefs table to make finding interactions faster r_useLightCulling - 0 = none, 1 = box, 2 = exact clip of polyhedron faces, 3 = also areas r_useLightPortalFlow - use a more precise area reference determination r_useLightScissors - 1 = use custom scissor rectangle for each light r_useNodeCommonChildren - stop pushing reference bounds early when possible r_useNV20MonoLights - use pass optimization for mono lights r_useOptimizedShadows - use the dmap generated static shadow volumes r_usePortals - 1 = use portals to perform area culling, otherwise draw everything r_usePreciseTriangleInteractions - 1 = do winding clipping to determine if each ambiguous tri should be lit r_useScissor - scissor clip as portals and lights are processed r_useShadowCulling - try to cull shadows from partially visible lights r_useShadowProjectedCull discard triangles outside light volume before shadowing r_useShadowSurfaceScissor - scissor shadows by the scissor rect of the interaction surfaces r_useShadowVertexProgram - do the shadow projection in the vertex program on capable cards r_useSilRemap - consider verts with the same XYZ, but different ST the same for shadows r_useStateCaching - avoid redundant state changes in GL_*() calls r_useTripleTextureARB - cards with 3+ texture units do a two pass instead of three pass r_useTurboShadow - use the infinite projection with W technique for dynamic shadows r_useTwoSidedStencil - do stencil shadows in one pass with different ops on each side r_useVertexBuffers - use ARB_vertex_buffer_object for vertexes r_vertexBufferMegs r_znear - near Z clip plane distance
radiant_ALTEdgeDrag radiant_AngleSpeed radiant_Autosave radiant_AutosaveMinutes radiant_camerawindow radiant_CamXYUpdate radiant_ChaseMouse radiant_CubicClipping radiant_CubicScale radiant_entityMode radiant_EntityShow radiant_HiColorTextures radiant_InspectorDockedDialogs radiant_InspectorsWindow radiant_LastMap radiant_LastProject radiant_LoadLast radiant_LoadLastMap radiant_LoadShaders radiant_MainWindowPlace radiant_ModelPath radiant_MoveSpeed radiant_NewFaceGrab radiant_NewLightStyle radiant_NewMapFormat radiant_NewRightClick radiant_NewTextureWindowStuff radiant_NewVertex radiant_NoClamp radiant_NoStipple radiant_QE4Paint radiant_QE4StyleWindows radiant_RadiantMapPath radiant_RotateLock radiant_Rotation radiant_RunBefore radiant_SavedInfo radiant_SelectWholeEntitiesKey radiant_SizePainting radiant_Snapshots radiant_SnapT radiant_StatusPointSize radiant_SwitchClipKey radiant_TextureLock radiant_TextureQuality radiant_TextureScale radiant_TextureScrollbar radiant_texwindow radiant_UndoLevels radiant_UseDisplayLists radiant_UseGLLighting radiant_UseTextureBar radiant_WideToolBar radiant_xywindow radiant_XZVIS radiant_xzwindow radiant_YZVIS radiant_yzwindow radiant_ZClipBottom radiant_ZClipEnabled radiant_ZClipTop radiant_ZVIS radiant_zwindow
rb_showActive - show rigid bodies that are not at rest rb_showBodies - show rigid bodies rb_showInertia - show the inertia tensor of each rigid body rb_showMass - show the mass of each rigid body rb_showTimings - show rigid body cpu usage rb_showVelocity - show the velocity of each rigid body
s_clipVolumes s_constantAmplitude s_doorDistanceAdd - reduce sound volume with this distance when going through a door s_dotbias2 s_dotbias6 s_drawSounds s_force22kHz s_globalFraction - volume to all speakers when not spatialized s_maxSoundsPerShader s_meterTopTime s_minVolume2 s_minVolume6 s_noSound s_numberOfSpeakers - number of speakers s_playDefaultSound - play a beep for missing sounds s_quadraticFalloff s_realTimeDecoding s_reverse s_showLevelMeter s_showStartSound s_singleEmitter - mute all sounds but this emitter s_spatializationDecay s_subFraction - volume to subwoofer in 5.1 s_useOcclusion s_volume_dB - volume in dB sensitivity - mouse view sensitivity
si_fragLimit - frag limit si_gameType - game type - singleplayer, deathmatch, Tourney, Team DM or Last Man si_map - map to be played next on server si_maxPlayers - max number of players allowed on the server si_name - name of the server si_pure - server is pure and does not allow modified data si_spectators - allow spectators or require all clients to play si_teamDamage - enable team damage si_timeLimit - time limit in minutes si_usePass - enable client password checking si_version - engine version si_warmup - do pre-game warmup sys_arch sys_cpustring sys_lang timescale - scales the time
ui_autoReload - auto reload weapon ui_autoSwitch - auto switch weapon ui_name - player name ui_ready - player is ready to start playing ui_showGun - show gun ui_skin - player skin ui_spectate - play or spectate ui_team - player team
win_allowMultipleInstances - allow multiple instances running concurrently win_notaskkeys - disable windows task keys win_outputDebugString win_outputEditString win_timerUpdate - allows the game to be updated while dragging the window win_username - windows user name win_viewlog win_xpos - horizontal position of window win_ypos - vertical position of window
aasStats - shows AAS stats addarrow - adds a debug arrow addChatLine - internal use - core to game chat lines addline - adds a debug line aviCmdDemo - writes AVIs for a command demo aviDemo - writes AVIs for a demo aviGame - writes AVIs for the current game benchmark - benchmark bind - binds a command to a key bindRagdoll - binds ragdoll at the current drag position bindunbindtwo - binds a key but unbinds it first if there are more than two binds blinkline - blinks a debug line centerview - centers the view checkNewVersion - check if a new version of the game is available clear - clears the console clearLights - clears all lights clientDropWeapon - drop current weapon clientMessageMode - ingame gui message mode clientVoiceChat - voice chats: clientVoiceChat clientVoiceChatTeam - team voice chats: clientVoiceChat closeViewNotes - close the view showing any notes for this map collisionModelInfo - shows collision model info combineCubeImages - combines six images for roq compression compressDemo - compresses a demo file conDump - dumps the console text to a file connect - connects to a server crash - causes a crash cvar_restart - restart the cvar system damage - apply damage to an entity debugger - launches the Script Debugger deleteSelected - deletes selected entity demoShot - writes a screenshot for a demo devmap - loads a map in developer mode dir - lists a folder dirtree - lists a folder with subfolders disasmScript - disassembles script disconnect - disconnects from a game dmap - compiles a map echo - prints text editAFs - launches the in-game Articulated Figure Editor editDecls - launches the in-game Declaration Editor editGUIs - launches the GUI Editor editLights - launches the in-game Light Editor editor - launches the level editor Radiant editParticles - launches the in-game Particle Editor editPDAs - launches the in-game PDA Editor editScripts - launches the in-game Script Editor editSounds - launches the in-game Sound Editor envshot - takes an environment shot error - causes an error exec - executes a config file execMachineSpec - execs the appropriate config files and sets cvars based on com_machineSpec exit - exits the game exitCmdDemo exits a command demo exportmodels - exports models finishBuild - finishes the build process freeze - freezes the game for a number of seconds game_memory - displays game class info gameError - causes a game error gameKick - same as kick, but recognizes player names getviewpos - prints the current view position gfxInfo - show graphics info give - gives one or more items god - enables god mode heartbeat - send a heartbeat to the the master servers help - shows help hitch - hitches the game in_restart - restarts the input system keepTestModel - keeps the last test model in the game kick - kick a client by connection number kill - kills the player killMonsters - removes all monsters killMoveables - removes all moveables killRagdolls - removes all ragdolls LANScan - scans LAN for servers listActiveEntities - lists active game entities listAF - lists articulated figures listAnims - lists all animations listAudios - lists Audios listBinds - lists key bindings listClasses - lists game classes listCmds - lists commands listCollisionModels - lists collision models listCvars - lists cvars listDecls - lists all decls listDictKeys - lists all keys used by dictionaries listDictValues - lists all values used by dictionaries listEmails - lists Emails listEntities - lists game entities listEntityDefs - lists entity defs listFX - lists FX systems listGameCmds - lists game commands listGuis - lists guis listHuffmanFrequencies - lists decl text character frequencies listImages lists images listLines - lists all debug lines listMaterials - lists materials listModelDefs - lists model defs listModels - lists all models listModes - lists all video modes listMonsters - lists monsters listParticles - lists particle systems listPDAs - lists PDAs listRenderEntityDefs - lists the entity defs listRendererCmds - lists renderer commands listRenderLightDefs - lists the light defs listServers - lists scanned servers listSkins - lists skins listSoundCmds - lists sound commands listSoundDecoders - list active sound decoders listSounds - lists all sounds listSoundShaders - lists sound shaders listSpawnArgs - list the spawn args of an entity listSystemCmds - lists system commands listTables - lists tables listThreads - lists script threads listToolCmds - lists tool commands listTypeInfo - list type info listVertexCache - lists vertex cache listVideos - lists Videos loadGame - loads a game localizeGuis - localize guis localizeMaps - localize maps makeAmbientMap - makes an ambient map MakeMegaTexture - processes giant images map - loads a map memoryDump - creates a memory dump memoryDumpCompressed - creates a compressed memory dump modulateLights - modifies shader parms on all lights nextAnim - shows next animation on test model nextFrame - shows next animation frame on test model nextGUI - teleport the player to the next func_static with a gui nextMap - loads the next map on the server noclip - disables collision detection for the player notarget - disables the player as a target parse - prints tokenized string path - lists search paths playCmdDemo - plays back a command demo playDemo - plays back a demo playerModel - sets the given model on the player popLight - removes the last created light prevAnim - shows previous animation on test model prevFrame - shows previous animation frame on test model printAF - prints an articulated figure printAudio - prints an Video printEmail - prints an Email printEntityDef - prints an entity def printFX - prints an FX system printMaterial - prints a material printModel - prints model info printModelDefs - prints a model def printParticle - prints a particle system printPDA - prints an PDA printSkin - prints a skin printSoundShader - prints a sound shader printTable - prints a table printVideo - prints a Audio promptKey - prompt and sets the CD Key quit - quits the game rcon - sends remote console command to server reconnect - reconnect to the last server we tried to connect to recordDemo - records a demo recordViewNotes - record the current view position with notes reexportmodels - reexports models regenerateWorld - regenerates all interactions reloadanims - reloads animations reloadARBprograms - reloads ARB programs reloadCgPrograms - reloads CG programs reloadDecls - reloads decls reloadEngine - reloads the engine down to including the file system reloadGuis - reloads guis reloadImages - reloads images reloadLanguage - reload language dict reloadModels - reloads models reloadScript - reloads scripts reloadSounds - reloads all sounds reloadSurface - reloads the decl and images for selected surface remove - removes an entity removeline - removes a debug line renderbump - renders a bump map renderbumpFlat - renders a flat bump map reportImageDuplication - checks all referenced images for duplications reportSurfaceAreas - lists all used materials sorted by surface area rescanSI - internal - rescan serverinfo cvars and tell game reset - resets a cvar roq - encodes a roq file runAAS - compiles an AAS file for a map runAASDir - compiles AAS files for all maps in a folder runReach - calculates reachability for an AAS file s_restart - restarts the sound system saveGame - saves a game saveLights - saves all lights to the .map file saveMoveables - save all moveables to the .map file saveParticles - saves all lights to the .map file saveRagdolls - save all ragdoll poses to the .map file saveSelected - saves the selected entity to the .map file say - text chat sayTeam - team text chat screenshot - takes a screenshot script - executes a line of script serverForceReady - force all players ready serverInfo - shows server info serverMapRestart - restart the current game serverNextMap - change to the next map set - sets a cvar seta - sets a cvar and flags it as archive setMachineSpec - detects system capabilities and sets com_machineSpec to appropriate value sets - sets a cvar and flags it as server info sett - sets a cvar and flags it as tool setu - sets a cvar and flags it as user info setviewpos - sets the current view position showDictMemory - shows memory used by dictionaries showInteractionMemory - shows memory used by interactions showStringMemory - shows memory used by strings showTriSurfMemory - shows memory used by triangle surfaces showViewNotes - show any view notes for the current map, successive calls will cycle to the next note sizeDown - makes the rendered view smaller sizeUp - makes the rendered view larger spawn - spawns a game entity spawnServer - spawns a server startBuild - prepares to make a build stopRecording - stops demo recording takeViewNotes - take notes about the current map from the current view takeViewNotes2 - extended take view notes teleport - teleports the player to an entity location testAnim - tests an animation testBlend - tests animation blending testBoneFx - tests an FX system bound to a joint testDamage - tests a damage def testDeath - tests death testFx - tests an FX system testGUI - tests a gui testImage - displays the given image centered on screen testLight - tests a light testmap - tests a map testModel - tests a model testParticleStopTime - tests particle stop time on a test model testPointLight - tests a point light testSave - writes out a test savegame testSaveGame - test a save game for a level testShaderParm - sets a shaderParm on an existing testModel testSIMD - test SIMD code testSkin - tests a skin on an existing testModel testSound - tests a sound testVideo - displays the given cinematic timeCmdDemo - times a command demo timeDemo - times a demo timeDemoQuit - times a demo and quits toggle - toggles a cvar touch - touches a decl touchFile - touches a file touchFileList - touches a list of files touchGui - touches a gui touchModel - touches a model trigger - triggers an entity unbind - unbinds any command from a key unbindall - unbinds any commands from all keys unbindRagdoll - unbinds the selected ragdoll updateUI - internal - cause a sync down of game-modified userinfo vid_restart - restarts renderSystem vstr - inserts the current value of a cvar as command text wait - delays remaining buffered commands one or more frames weaponSplat - projects a blood splat on the player weapon where - prints the current view position writeCmdDemo - writes a command demo writeConfig - writes a config file writeGameState - write game state writePrecache - writes precache commands

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