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A Wiki

Posting rules that apply to all threads, comments, messages, posts, and private messages.

1.0 Violations

These are GB's official Posting Rules that apply to all threads, comments, messages, posts, and private messages in addition to the Terms of Service. If you believe someone has broken a rule or have any questions, contact a moderator.

1.1 Language

English only. GB is an English based site, we cannot moderate and therefore cannot accept non-English content on regular submissions. We do allow you to use your own languages on user profiles, studio profiles and clubs on the site. You are also allowed to post threads, news, tutorials, requests, wikis and modules in your own language but you must prefix the title of the submissions with the language, e.g a Russian thread title must being with "[RUS]". Try your best to use good grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, etc when posting and especially when making threads. Do not post in ALL CAPS, Title Caps, use excessive!!!!! amounts of punctuation, or break the site's layout. Submissions with poor English may be disapproved by the community or withheld by moderators.

1.2 Abuse

No discrimination, abusiveness, flaming or trolling. Discrimination based on race, sex, age, sexual orientation, etc will not be tolerated. NO EXCEPTIONS. 'They started it', 'they deserved it', 'they are n00bs', etc. are not valid excuses.

1.3 Negative Feedback

No negative feedback without explanation. If you don't like something or strongly disagree with someone, fine. But make sure you provide reasons for your opinions and constructive feedback whenever possible. Also, make sure not to stray into a violation of rule 1.2.

1.4 Terms of Service & Copyright Infringement

Your submissions should not infringe the Terms of Service or the copyright of any corporation. This applies to games, software, music, movies, paid accounts, etc. For more information, please consult the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Policy of the site, the Terms of Service of the game, software, music, movie, paid account, etc., or contact a moderator.

1.5 Advertising

Non-commercial advertising is allowed, under certain circumstances. See the User Advertising wiki for more details. However threads that are solely advertising may also fall under section 1.7 Spam.

1.6 Graphic Content

No shock material or pornography. This includes but is not limited to graphic images and videos designed to severely disturb or scare the viewer. Private parts of the body must be covered with clothing and no sexual acts may be displayed.

1.7 Spam

No spam. Spam is defined as posts, threads, or other messages that do not contribute to a discussion or forum. If you have doubts about whether your submission would contribute consult a moderator before submitting it.

1.8 Double Posts

Avoid double posts. Double posting is defined as making a post in a thread or comment area, then making another in the same thread or comment area before any other member does. This is permissible when reviving your own help thread after a reasonable amount of time, but should be avoided whenever possible. If you make a double post by mistake, copy and paste the first post into the second, then delete the first one.

1.9 New Threads

Before making a thread, check to make sure you're in an appropriate forum and do a search to ensure the topic you're about to start doesn't already exist. It's usually better to use an existing thread on the same topic than to create a new one. This is especially true for questions and requests since we get a lot of the same ones over and over again. Use an informative title. Threads entitled "help" and "request" do not give potential readers very much information. Finally, certain boards have specific rules. Check the board's main page for the rules.

2.0 Questions / Requests

If you're posting a question, provide details. Questions like "my computer broke, can you help?" are never going to be resolved because you didn't provide enough details for other people to be able to assist you. Screenshots, links, descriptions, etc all help. Requests have a dedicated section and should go there rather than on the forums.

2.1 Reviving Old Threads

Check the date of the last post in a thread before you reply to it. If a thread has not received any replies in a long time, do not revive it unless it is still relevant and you have something worthwhile to contribute to it.

2.2 Bumping Threads

Unless your post is relevant or contributing to the topic of the thread, you must wait six hours from your last post before bumping your own threads or somebody else's threads. Failure to comply with this rule will result in your being gagged.

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