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A Wiki

Rules and guidelines that apply to map submissions.

1.0 Porting

Porting maps from one game to another is not allowed, with the exception of games from companies listed on the Porting Whitelist.

1.1 No Pornography or Nudity

Submissions containing pornography or any type of nudity is unacceptable. If your submission contains pornographic images, it will be deleted, and you will be punished.

1.2 Map Name

When submitting a map, the name of the map is one of the most important parts of the submission, because this is how people will remember the map. Whenever possible, search to see if the name you have chosen is already in use, and if it is, consider picking another one. Maps with the same names can cause confusion, especially on servers. Special characters, numbers, and spaces are not permitted at the beginning of the title, unless it is actually part of the map's name.

1.3 Category

Adding maps to their respective categories helps keep the map section organized, and makes it much easier for viewers to find your map. There are many categories to chose from, just select the one that best fits your maps gameplay style.

1.4 Author(s)

In order for GB's Search feature to function correctly, there must be only names in the author(s) field. It is very important to have proper credits for your map submission. Please credit any people who were involved in the making of your map. List authors once only.

1.5 Author's Notes

When submitting a map, there is a field labeled Author's Notes. This field is there for various things. Many people use this field to tell the public the background story of the map, and how the players came to be (example), while others just use it to thank certain people, or even leave an e-mail so that they can be contacted. Proper HTML Formatting is very useful in that field, simply because it shows the public that you are professional, and it makes your submission more appealing to the public (example).

1.6 Screenshots

Screenshots are one of biggest factors people take into consideration when they are deciding whether or not to download a map. Most of the submissions on GB, including the maps, are rated mainly on their screenshots. Not many people actually download the map and test it, so remember to get a lot of great quality screenshots if you want to get a lot of downloads and good ratings. When Submitting a map, you must upload at least 2 in-game screenshots. No matter how small the map is, you can get at least 2 different screenshots from it. In addition, the screenshots slots are for in-game screenshots only.

1.7 Redistribution

All submissions in which you have no part in its creation (Uploading/Screenshots do NOT count) should be set as a redistribution and should not contain the submitter name in the authors list. Please attempt to get the original authors person to re-host their content elsewhere or notify them of your re-upload. Archives must match those provided by the original author with no new additions or subtractions and honor any Readme clauses.

1.7.1 Map Packs

All map packs must have a clear theme or reason for the maps being packaged together in a single download; such as being all from the same creator/studio, or follow some sort of holiday theme etc. In addition to Rule 1.7, all maps must be listed in the authors readme/notes section so users are aware of what maps are in the download. All authors and sub-authors must be listed in the Authors List as per Rule 1.4.

1.8 Non-Compliance

Non-compliance with any of the above clauses, unless otherwise noted, will result in your submission being withheld or deleted at the administrator's discretion.

If you are having trouble understanding any of these rules, please contact a moderator or administrator before submitting. To view a list of moderators and administrators, head over to this page.

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