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BitPit - A Wiki

Everything you want to know about the BitPit

1. 1. Purpose

By purchasing the BitPit unlock (Cost: 1000 Points), you’ll be granted access to your very own, personal storage area, where you’ll be able to upload anything and everything with few limitation. This includes, among other things, images, sounds, archives, text files, etc. BitPit is especially useful if you’re an Uberstylist, since it enables you to upload the elements belonging to your Uber, such as images, directly onto the site without relying on any external hosting service.

2. 2. Usages/How to use

Once you’ve purchased the BitPit, you’ll be able to access it through the ‘Submissions’ drop-down menu on your Secondary Navigator.

Selecting the BitPit will bring you to the following screen.

Uploading a file into the BitPit follows the same procedure as uploading a file anywhere else on the site, with a few differences. Pressing the ‘Select Files’ button will bring up your browser’s file navigator, which’ll allow you to select the file that you want to upload as long said file is 100 MB or smaller.

The 100 MB file size is the only limitation the BitPit has. Otherwise, you’re completely free to upload a picture of any dimensions, an audio file of any length, or really just anything, as long as it goes under the 100 MB size limit.

Once you’ve selected the file you want to upload, press the ‘Submit’ button. This’ll refresh the page, and the file you just uploaded will appear in the BitPit. 

In order to remove the file from the BitPit, click on the checkbox left of the file to select it, then press the ‘Remove Selected Files’ button. As the name implies, it’ll remove said file.

2.1. 2.5. Using the files in the BitPit

There're Two methods of using a file. The first is by Hovering over the thumbnails of the images (Or in a file’s case, their icon), which will automatically bring up a pop-up menu and display a set of URLs that you’re able to copy and use the way you’d use a link (in case of the images, doing so will effectively generate a embed as well).

The second method is to share the file through posts/messages/comments. Whenever you’re typing out a message, a small file cabinet icon is visible in the bottom tray. Clicking it will extend the message box and open up a file selector that’ll allow you to pick files from your BitPit.

3. 3. Private BitPit

Private BitPit is another unlock (Cost: 200 Points) that can be purchased separately from the BitPit, which is publicly accessible by everybody else otherwise (though they wouldn’t be able to upload into your BitPit or modify the files in any given way). If you wish to prevent access, you can use the Private BitPit.

When purchased, an additional option becomes available under the file selector in your BitPit. When you are uploading with the Private BitPit purchased, you’ll be able to set the file’s access state. There’re two options available to you, Public and Private

The procedure to upload is exactly the same, but when you set the access state of a file to Private, said file will only be visible to you (And the Admins!) Files that are marked private will have a private tag right next to them when viewed by the owner or an admin.

To others however, the file will simply be denoted by the word ‘Private’. 

4. 4. Rules

While as stated previously you’re allowed to upload anything and everything, there are still a few rules to adhere to. Rules that apply to other submissions are applied to the BitPit uploads as well. This includes:

  • Warez Content: Any illegal distribution of a purchasable video game or a software isn't allowed and will be taken down. Distributors themselves will suffer consequences.
  • NSFW: In spite of the Private tag, any content that is explicitly pornographic will not be allowed.
  • Non-Consensual/Illegal Distribution of Mods: Any mods that were taken down by the staff for violating the site rules, as well as any content from a user who doesn't want their content to be distributed anymore, is not allowed.

For more rules regarding to content uploading, please refer to the Site Rules wiki.