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Personalization - A Wiki.

This wiki is devoted to understanding and identifying mods that are considered "Personalized". Personalization is an important classification on GameBanana, which is a public hosting platform intended as a repository of useful mods. Mods intended for private use should be transmitted privately elsewhere.

1. GameBanana's Definition

A mod intended for private use by an individual or a small group, by way of its identifying marks.
At times, discretion is used to determine if a personalized mod has public appeal and usefulness. Some personalized content intended for private use can be useful to a general audience. 

1.1. Mod Usefulness

Mod Usefulness is defined as a general or niche mod that has general utility and would feasibly exist in any private mod collection. Here's an example:

  1. You wouldn't keep and use a mod that was personalized to someone else, that had their avatar and username.
  2. You feasibly could keep a training map that was created and intended for a clan's private training, and you are not part of this clan, nor have you heard of the clan.

2. Examples

2.1. Personalized Mods - Not Allowed

  • A spray or skin that consists of a friend's username or personal avatar, that they asked for.
  • A character model that uses a specifically requested photographic face texture of an individual, unless that individual is a public figure or celebrity.
  • A player model with a clan insignia, that is not a famous or well-known clan.
  • A requested or commissioned mod that is heavily personalized to the requester's or buyer's personal tastes, that has little public appeal.

2.2. General Use Mods - Allowed

  • A player model with a famous or well-known clan insignia.
  • A player model of a public figure or celebrity.
  • Any mod with a well-known brand or organization.
  • A mod with a visible author watermark or copyright or easter egg credit that is not the central theme of the mod.
  • A personalized mod by a well-known artist with a sizeable fanbase.
  • A reskin consisting of the creator's favorite color.
  • Any mod that consists of the creator's favorite colors, styles or aesthetics.
  • A map or stage created by and for a clan for training or competition.
  • Original Characters that are not of low quality and have some general appeal.

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    Does de_cpl_mill count?
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    There are a few exemptions to Personalization for Friday Night Funkin' specifically, due to the amount of content produced for the game that this site needs to cover. Read the Common Withhold Reasons article for more information.
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    I know that this rule existed quite back then, though you need to clarify this to your moderators before your clarify to the community. Ever since this wiki was made yesterday, moderators are killing any submission they see that isn't following the rule nearly 100% verbatim, even if the said submission was made 7 years ago.

    But one thing is for sure, there isn't something right; what do you mean by public appeal? heavily personalized to taste. So if I somehow happen to make a completely original character by myself, it isn't allowed just because I've made it how I like it to be?

    Besides, who can judge if it will be appealing to public if I haven't even uploaded it at all?
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    For whoever is saying that this rule didn't exist before, it's been literally under every single section-specific rules as:

    1.6 Personalization

    Personalization is not allowed in (skin) submissions. Personalized (skins) are for a specific person or small group and aren't ideal for community use. This includes names of any kind; people, clans, groups. etc.

    And for those who can't understand what falls under public appeal. It's the simplest thing in the world. I'd break it down to a simple spray that has your face/username. This only appeals to the mod's creator and simply nobody else cares about that sort of mods. And that falls under the Personalization rule.

    But if it was for a famous person, let's say KennyS's name or signature. It appeals to anyone who's into eSports or a fan of KennyS himself so that's a personalized mod yes since it's about an individual. But it appeals to the mass public surrounding him. Thus it falls under General-use mods that are allowed.

    Simple enough!
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    Sorry if i'm kind of harsh with this but...
    How will be measured if "it has public appeal"?
    The submissions are going to be allowed a certain amount of time before being trashed or something?.
    This rules needs to be more specific to avoid issues like we already had.
    I hope this site trust more their specific Game Mod Mannagers judgement too. They know about the games they are watching. 
    Believe in yourself!
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    Honestly idk what to feel with this

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    I am quite conflicted with this, I don't make such mods myself, but these kind of mods were usually popular in communities, especially confusing when other person allowed to post it publically.

    Taking things into consideration, if such rules applied in the past or were something similar, why such mods were regularly promoted by being featured? There were countless of instances where OC models or heavy personalised submission were making into "Best of Banana", meaning getting featured more than 3 days in a row, what could easily indicate to other users that "it's ok to make such mods, we promote them so they are good". Many even could have decided to create something similar due to it being popular and being promoted by GB.

    In conclusion, in my opinion if group/person allowed it to be posted publically, it should be allowed if its overall safe for work, cause I am conflicted how things against the rules made into featured category in the first place in the past.
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    This is bad and you should feel bad
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