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A Wiki

Rules and guidelines that apply to Questions section

The following wiki states Questions section-specific rules which apply to its section and submissions.
Keep in mind that the site rules still apply along with these section-specific rules.

1. 1.0. Purpose

The Questions section should mainly be used for technical related questions, which means questions which may promote to discussions/different opinions should be avoided.

2. 1.1. Relevance

Remember that this section serves as a resource for answers to popular, unique, and common questions/issues that may be helpful and relevant to other people, meaning that your question should be relevant and valid enough for the community.
Questions that are solely concerned with your own content, such as "should I add a second room in my level?", "what should I create after my current content?", etc. (i.e., personalization), are simply not allowed.

Furthermore, questions which may relate to moderation, such as "are unlocks refundable?" should be avoided as well. These kinds of moderation related questions should be asked in the support section instead.

3. 1.2. Topic

Consider sticking with only one specific question per submission. Avoid including multiple different kinds of questions combined in a same submission.

3.1. 1.2.1. Open-Ended / Vague Questions

Avoid asking open-ended or vague questions such as "how do I mod this game?" or "how do I play this game?". Try to be as much specific as possible with your question.

4. 1.3. Description

When asking a question, please make sure it's detailed and well described as much as possible in the description. Avoid having descriptions like "self-explanatory" or "as per title" as they are not allowed. If necessary, the question (submission title) should be repeated in the description.

The reason why it's encouraged to have a well described question is because putting time into your question is a way of showing you respect the time that people might put in to answer it.
Also, modding questions tend to be "evergreen" content, meaning that they could be relevant and useful for many years, so ensuring they're high quality is really important.

5. 1.4. Screenshots

If necessary, consider adding the relevant number of screenshots along with your question that specify your issue/topic. This helps let the members understand and answer your question more quickly and accordingly.

6. 1.5. Answers / Replies

Remember to keep your posts relevant to the topic and avoid going off-topic and casual in the comments section.
The comments section should be kept clean with only relevant posts to the topic.

7. 1.6. Top Answer

There can only be one post chosen as a top answer. Please note that any nested post (reply) cannot be chosen as a top answer.

Furthermore, choosing the parent post (i.e., the main post in which the answer is given/nested as a reply) as a top answer is not allowed as it may lead others to confusion (as the answer may be in a long chain of replies and/or may not be noticeable). Instead, it's advised to encourage the member who answered it to trash the existing post (reply) and add it as a separate (parent) post.

7.1. 1.6.1. Choosing a Top Answer

Any post which satisfactorily answers the question (be it concise or detailed) should be chosen as a top answer. Any other member(s) answering the same question in a different way, but technically same answer, will not be eligible to have their post chosen as top answer except under certain circumstances (e.g., if the post corrects a previous member's answer or fully answers the question which wasn't the case before). 

8. 1.7. Non-Compliance

Non-compliance with any of the above clauses, unless otherwise noted, will result in your submission being withheld or trashed at the staff's discretion.

If you are having trouble understanding any of these rules, please contact a staff member before submitting. To view a list of all the staff members, head over to this page.

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