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Game Manager Common Actions - A Wiki.

This wiki is intended to cover the common actions that a game manager will do for their role. When monitoring the game section you are assigned, these are the kind of things to be looking out for and acting upon.

1. Withholding

Likely the most common action a game manager will do for their role. Withholding is used to explain the rule the user is breaking, telling them what they need to fix it and giving them up to two months to fix the issue.

1.1. Screenshots

There are various rules covering the different sections regarding screenshots. Skins and Maps require at least 2 different ingame screenshots that clearly display the mod in action. Effects, GUIs, Prefabs, Sprays, Textures require at least 1 ingame screenshot. Castaways, Gamefiles, Models, Projects, Tools and WiPs require at least 1 screenshot that clearly displays the work, whether that be in an editor or an image of the tool etc.

1.2. Thumbnail

The thumbnail must display the main portion of the mod submitted to the site. This is important because the thumbnail is used as the cover image for the mod, so it must correctly represent the mod as a whole. For example the thumbnail for a skin submission must display the skin modification clearly, not an accompanying title screen edit. Generic images that do not clearly display the modification submitted are not allowed, for example googled images, the flat texture file of a skin or other related content. 

1.3. Credits

Credits are an important part of a submission on GameBanana. We expect everyone to provide proper credits when adding submissions to the site. The credits must be listed in the credits module, not in the description or elsewhere. Credits can get tricky to know who to credit, the important part is to make sure the owner of the content is credited, whether it is a company that owns the content or content made by a fellow modder. Mod packs should list all the authors of all the mods included. Crediting is also important to correctly explain which parts were made by the submitter and which parts weren't, so even if it seems obvious who made what, credits must be applied. This topic is extremely complex and can't be fully explained in 1 paragraph, if you are unsure if a submission has correct credits, contact an admin.

1.4. Ownership

If the uploader was involved in making content for the submission, they should be set as the owner and be listed in the credits. If they didn't make content for the submission, they should be listed as the redistributor and not be in the credits. Things like taking the screenshots for the submission is not enough by itself to justify a creator role.

1.5. Download

The download must contain the files for the modification and nothing else. An exception is allowed when the modification is too large for the file size on the site and so can be just a text file with a link to an external download. This is only allowed if the mod is larger than the file size limit for the specific section.

1.6. Title/Description

The title and description of a submission should be used to describe what the modification is. For example 'My Skin' is not descriptive and so wouldn't be allowed as a title. All caps is not allowed for them. 

1.7. Language

GameBanana is an English-speaking website, but submissions may be posted in non-English provided the submission title is prefixed with the language, e.g a Russian thread must have a name/title beginning with "[RUS]".

1.8. Work Done

The rule is specifically for WiPs/Projects but is common enough that it is worth mentioning. WiPs/Projects must display a not insignificant amount of work that has already been done via screenshots and description. It is not allowed to make WiP/Project submissions to simply list what you plan to do.

1.9. Community Rules

Some game sections have community specific rules that must also be followed. Make sure to check your specific game to check if your game has them.

2. Editing

There are not many reasons that a game manager would need to edit a submission but the option is there. It's most common uses would be to fix minor spelling mistakes that don't warrant withholding a submission ( note: this is an optional thing, not required from game managers ), setting submission as NSFW or not if it is incorrectly set and setting submissions as obsolete if a game update has caused issues.

3. Trashing

Junior Game Managers cannot trash submissions. When a submission breaks one of the rules that requires it be trashed, withhold the submission and then post in the GameBanana Discord in the Game Managers channel and an admin will deal with the submission.

Senior Game Managers can trash submissions. When trashing a submission you should be sure that it cannot be fixed via a withhold. So for example a clear spam submission should be trashed but a regular submission where the user just forgot to add screenshots should be withheld.

3.1. Spam

The submission is not trying to be a legitimate submission, no attempts have been made to follow even the most basic rules. It has no proper images, credits, download etc.

3.2. Low Quality

The submission is deliberately low quality and low effort. The submission must be both a poor modification that people wouldn't want to use and be low effort from the submitter. Beginner content is allowed and the submitter should be helped if they have produced sub-par content.

3.3. Personalised Content

The submission has been made for a specific person or small group of people. As a rule of thumb you should view the modification alone, ignoring the title, description etc and try and decide if the modification is suitable for the general public or if it only makes sense for a small group of people.

3.4. Warez

Piracy is not allowed on the site in any form. 

3.5. Graphic Content

NSFW content should tagged as such. Extremely NSFW content including pornography, gore, extreme images and videos designed to disturb the viewers etc is not allowed.

3.6. Malicious Content

Content designed to harm, attack or infect our users in any form. This should be withheld/trashed as soon as being detected and then an admin should be contacted ASAP.

4. Flags

Flags are reports from regular users who believe a submission has broken one or more of the rules. You can remove flags if you believe they are incorrect or the submitter has fixed the issue. Both Junior and Senior Game Managers can remove flags.

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    You can't currently remove flags. If you believe they are incorrect or the submitter has fixed the issue please post in the Game Managers Discord channel.
    I guess we can now. This page needs some updates ;)
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