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GameBanana has run a lot of contest, ranging from small game specific contests to large, multi-thousand dollar contests. 

1. GameBanana In-House Contests

The first type of contests we have are official, GameBanana organised, funded and managed contests. These are our in-house contests where we put up all the prizes, decide the themes and organise the judging to decide the winners. We run these often and they are our way of giving back the modding community.

2. Game Manager Contests

The second type is Game Manager run contests. These contests are for specific games and the Game Managers help organise and run the contests. GameBanana may still contribute prizes towards these contests but generally the prizes are smaller as the contests is focused on only one game.

3. 3rd Party Contests

3rd party contests are our final type of contest. A community, game developer etc can ask to run a contest on our platform. They provide all or the majority of the prizepool and set the theme and decide how the contest is run. GameBanana helps organise and manage the contest. This provides the contests runners access to our large modding community, BananaAd space so the contest is promoted all over the site to draw attention to it and our expertise in running contests.

4. Prizes

Prizes can vary massively depending on the size and type of contest, from GameBanana points, Ripe subscriptions, up to many thousands of dollars. Often in 3rd party contests, prizes can include the content being put ingame. Generally there will be 3 or 5 winning positions for a contest.

5. Judging

Judging is generally organised by picking expert and trusted judges from the community and asking them to rate each submission on a set list of criteria. The scores and feedback is then reviewed and winners announced.

6. Deadlines

Smaller contests run for around 40 days whereas larged contests can run up to 3 months and beyond. Ideally contests should end on a Sunday and at 11:55pm instead of midnight to avoid confusion.

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