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1-Click Mod Installers - A Wiki

Mod installers are useful applications that help you quickly install and (sometimes) manage your game mods locally. There are many different mod installers developed by enthusiasts and each one usually works for a specific game or game engine. 

GameBanana has started integrating with some of these mod installers so they can be launched directly out of the web browser when you click to download a mod.

1. GameBanana Integrated Mod Installers

Below are some mod installers with 1-click integration on GameBanana:

2. Making Compatible Archives

If you're a modder and your game has a mod installer, consider making your mod archives compatible with the mod installer. Each mod installer is different in this regard, so please consult the mod installer's documentation or reach out to the developer.

2.1. Sonic Mania Mod Manager

Compatible archives must contain a mod.ini file.

2.2. Meteor (SSBU)

Compatible archives must contain a meta/metadata.xml file inside correctly numbered parent directories.

2.3. gvk's Mod Manager (RWBY: Grimm Eclipse)

No compatibility requirements. Any archive structure should work.

3. Mod Installer Integration Development

Are you a programmer interested in coding a mod installer or adding download integration to an existing one? Below is some information to help.

3.1. Application Requirements

Integrating a mod installer with a web browser requires three additional functionalities to be built into the installer:
  1. Custom Schema Association. During installation a Windows registry entry must be added so the operating system associates the custom schema (e.g smmm:) with the mod installer.
  2. File Downloading. The mod installer must be able to handle HTTP file downloading.
  3. Archive Decompression. After downloading the mod, the mod installer must decompress it. GameBanana supports 3 decompression formats: ZIP, RAR and 7z. If the mod installer doesn't support these decompression formats some mods may not have mod installer download links.

3.2. Security

Because an integrated mod installer downloads web-based content, it would be prudent to scan the decompressed archive for suspicious files before proceeding with installation. If your mod installer detects unusual files, add a continue prompt so the user is made aware of it.

3.3. Mod Installer Download URL Structure

GameBanana's mod installer download URL's have different structures, depending on the requirements of each installer. This is decided upon between GameBanana and the mod installer programmer(s) during integration development. A typical Mod Installer Download URL looks like this:

3.4. Passing Additional Parameters

Along with a direct URL to the archive, the mod installer link may also contain other parameters, such as the mod's type and ID. This allows the mod installer to lookup additional information on the mod being downloaded, and display it to the user. This data can also be saved locally, allowing the mod installer to list a library of installed, activated, deactivated and removed mods.

3.5. Server Side File Compatibility Checking

Most mod installers require a specific file or file structure to exist in the mod archive for the mod to be installed correctly. GameBanana ensures this before showing the mod installer download link. 

For example, the Sonic Mania Mod Manager requires the presence of a mod.ini file, which contains metadata on the mod as well as programmatic installation instructions.

The Meteor mod installer for SSBU requires the presence of a meta/metadata.xml.

GameBanana checks for compatibility on a per game and per mod installer level before showing the mod installer download link. If the check fails, the mod installer link will not appear for the mod.

4. Disabling 1-Click Integration

Mod author can selectively disable mod manager integration by adding one of the following empty files to any location in their archive:

  • .disable_gb1click - disables all 1-click mod manager URLs from appearing for the mod
  • .disable_gb1click_{protocol} - disables a specific 1-click mod manager from appearing (in cases where a game supports multiple managers) - e.g .disable_gb1click_modboy will disable Modboy but show other mod managers if available

Don't forget to include the period at the start of the file name!

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