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An introduction to the wonderful world of game customization.

Photobucket Millenia's BUL Cherokee skin
Skins Skins change the look and feel of weapons and characters in games. A skin is the combination of a 3D model, a texture, animations and sound effects. The process of skinning is usually broken up into these areas, with a modeller, texture artist, animator and sound effects artist working together on a project. Sometimes though, you can make a simple skin on your own. These are called reskins. Reskins are the simplest form of skinning and involve editing a model's texture file. Would you like to make your own skins? Check out our skinning tutorials here.
Photobucket Magikus & StarD00d's de_nightfever map
Maps Maps allow you to increase the number of playing fields you have to choose from when playing your games. A map is a combination of models, textures, and effects. Many maps consist of detailed work involving custom textures, models built by the mappers themselves, custom sounds, and detailed lighting effects. You can however make a simple map on your own with a little practice using the basic stock textures, models, and sounds. Interested in learning how to create your own map? You'll find the tutorials you need here.
Photobucket yellow2009's CS: Bad vs. Good spray
Sprays Sprays are custom tagging images that you can add to your game to replace the stock images. They are pieces of graphic art put together with an image editing program. Many sprays are popular images, from sources such as the internet, that have editing and effects done by a spray artist. Others are custom images made entirely by the artists themselves. Do you have a good idea for a spray? Here are some tutorials you can use to make your own.
Photobucket Wormskiller's M4A1 carbine menu background
GUIs GUIs are replacements for the different elements of the user interface in your games. They alter the menus and your in-game displays. Some GUIs are simple color or text changes for things like timers and health bars. Others are changes to menu pictures or weapon displays. There are many different types of GUIs, and most are simple enough to create on your own. Don't see one that you like? Create your own using these tutorials.
Photobucket Simon87PL's explosion effects
Sprites Sprites are the effects you see in your games, such as explosions, muzzle flashes, and voice icons. These replacements can change the size, color, and shape of these effects. Sprites are made by a graphic artist. Some of these effects use a single image, while others use a series of sequenced images to create the desired effect. If you want to create your own sprite replacements, they are fairly simple to make. Interested in making your own sprites? Find the tutorials you need here.
Photobucket Blindshooter's TAVOR model
Models Models are the 3D representation of a weapon, player, or prop. They are put together by a modeler, either from scratch or by putting together separate models of different parts. Many models are untextured and can be used in skinning or mapping projects. Modeling is one of the more complex customizations, but can be learned like any other skill. Want to try your hand at modeling? These tutorials can help.
Photobucket SGT_kick_ur_ass's tower prefab
Prefabs Prefabs are pre-built structures or items that can be added to a custom map. They are built from basic shapes and altered by a prefab artist or mapper until they reach the finished stage. Prefabs range from small things like prop furniture to full size rooms or structures. Many prefabs are untextured so a mapper can finish the item as they see fit for their map. Do you have what it takes to design prefabs? You may find these tutorials helpful.
Photobucket Baftub's hi-res wood textures
Textures Textures are replacement texture files for use in skinning or mapping. Those used in mapping include textures such as bricks, stoness, wallpapers, or sky textures to list a few. For skinning you would use textures like metals, woods, and cloths. Many of the textures in this section are multipurpose. It's up to you how you use them. Are you a talented graphics artist? Try making your own textures using these tutorials.
Photobucket SGT_kick_ur_ass's de_inner-city MiP
MiPs MiPs, or maps in progress, are incomplete maps that have been abandoned by the author and uploaded so others may continue their work. Some contain a basic structure, but still need large amounts of work to be finalized. Others are mostly complete, but may still need some small detailed work such as the application of textures or the addition of props. You may also find open source maps here that you can learn from. Study the architecture and use it as a learning tool. Interested in taking over an unfinished map project? These tutorials may come in handy.
Photobucket RarLabs WinRar tool
Tools Tools are the programs you need to create your own customizations. Some programs are very easy to use, while others take more time to master. These programs are designed for a variety of purposes, ranging from graphics work to modeling. There are also some programs designed to help you with various aspects of this site.
Blueguile's CS:S sound pack
Sounds Sounds are replacement audibles for your weapons, players, server sounds, and effects. They are made by sound effect artists, either their own recordings or alterations of existing sounds. These can include, but are not limited to, firing sounds, player voices, ricochet effects, and the ever popular server phrases such as "headshot" and "humiliation". Have you already tried all the sounds submitted here? Do you need new sounds? You can make your own using the tutorials found here.
Infy's common weapons buy pack script
Scripts Scripts are commands that alter your game or facilitate your gameplay. They are usually sets of key commands that automate actions ingame, such as the purchase of weapons at the beginning of a round. Here are some tutorials you can use to make scripts to fit your need.
There are some sections on this site that don't have downloadable submissions, but that you may find very helpful.
Tutorials Tutorials are instructional tools that provide practical information about a specific subject. Some tutorials can help you learn about the different steps involved in making your own customizations. Others can assist you with different features of this site.
Pages Pages are written information about your games, this site, and its members. Some pages can give you basic facts about the weapons, maps, or other features of your games. Others are designed to help you navigate this site and help you make the most out of your submissions here. There are even some personal pages that members put together to tell about themselves.
News The news section contains articles that pertain to your games and their developers. These news stories can tell you about updates to your current games. They can also tell you about popular upcoming releases. Once in awhile you may even see news about this site and its features.
WiPs WiPs, or works in progress, are projects that are currently under construction by a member, studio, or mod. You can lend a hand by offering constructive feedback and encouragement. Tell the submitter in detail what you like and what improvements could be made.
Forum The forum is a place for community discussions to take place. You can participate in a discussion on several different topics. Many topics are game related and can help you with game or customization issues. Other topics are based on community issues such as customizing your experience with this site or getting to know new members.

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