Version 3 Update

An Update

  • - Rebuilt the central 'Hourglass' structure, re-texturing the walls of red spawn to metal walls.
  • - Added in an areaportal to the door of red spawn
  • - Added in a env_fog_controller with Far-Z clipping enabled to try help control render distances
  • - The fog is complimented by a func_dustcloud brush above the toxic waste to give the impression that whole map is meant to look foggy.
  • - Added a secondary input to the 3rd trap (Coloured Door). If blue has not picked a button (but is not AFK) within 30 seconds of red reaching the doors, the map will pick at random.
  • - Increased the chances of later traps activating from 25% to 33% when AFK mode is active.
  • - Removed the Red win trigger from blue spawn. Red team will still win 30 seconds after the glass wall to the control booth has been broken

Please note that unless there unless the map becomes broken after a future TF2 update, I am unlikely to continue updating this map.

The map is optimized as much as possible short of rebuilding the whole map from the ground up. This is not something I want to do as I have other projects I want to work on.


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