Version 1.8

An Update

  • General
  • Ultra League Scouts removed
  • Swordsmen, Axemen and Samurai Soldiers no longer have guaranteed crits by default
  • Most custom robots have now received special icons
  • Several robot squads no longer have guaranteed crits, usually limited now to melee bots, Pyro bots, Giant Burst Fire bots and some bosses
  • The Tour is now in a vpk file for easier install/uninstall
  • Rocky Massacre
  • Wave 1
  • Removed Soldier & Demoman queue, replaced with 6 Giant Charged Soldiers
  • Wave 3
  • Removed Shortstop Scouts, replaced with more Heavy-Medic pairs
  • Wave 4
  • Moved $200 to wave 5 from the Giant Pyro squad
  • Wave 5
  • The pit is closed at the beginning of the wave and re-opened at the end
  • Moon Cadets no longer have boosted movement speed
  • Killing a Soldato Originale now triggers a procession of 6 Giant Flare Pyros with Medics
  • When all Giant Flare Pyros have spawned, Capo Deflettore appears
  • Soldato Originale: increased airblast resistance to 80%, reduced rage generation to 25%
  • Capo Deflettore: reduced health on kill to 6000, reduced rage generation to 15%
  • Wave 6
  • First part is now comprised of 3 subparts of one 40,000-HP Tank, 2 Giant Rapid Fire Soldiers, 1 Giant Burst Fire Soldier, 1 Giant Burst Fire Demoman and 1 Giant Deflector Heavy-Giant Medic pair
  • Giant Buff Soldiers now have +50% fire rate bonus
  • Added Spy support (2 Spies every 30 s)
  • Mechanical Rebellion
  • Wave 4
  • Replaced Giant Blast Soldiers with Giant Black Box Soldiers, with nerfed recovery on hit (+400 HP/rocket, down from 1000)
  • Wave 6
  • Replaced Giant Burst Fire Soldiers with basic Giant Soldiers
  • Teutonic Thrashing
  • Wave 1
  • The Heavies at the end now only require that the Soldiers have finished spawning
  • Wave 3
  • Removed 2 Conch Soldier-Burst Demo squads, increased spawn interval to 8 s
  • Removed 3 Axemen; they spawn now one bot at a time every 5 s
  • Last Tank spawns earlier (after 20 s, down from 30)
  • Wave 4
  • Only 8 squads of Bowmen spawn, one squad every 8 s
  • Removed Giant Blast Soldiers; 4 Steel Gauntlet Pushers surround each Giant Flare Pyro (replacing the separate Steel Gauntlet subwave)
  • Moon Cadets no longer have boosted movement speed
  • The Giant Heavies no longer heal upon killing players and 6 spawn in total; 2 Giants max alive at once
  • Wave 5
  • Shortstop Scouts replace the Ultra League Scouts
  • Bison Soldiers now start spawning when the Shortstop Scouts have finished spawning (instead of the death of the last Major Crits); spawn rate slightly decreased to 1 squad/12 s
  • Captain Flare health increased to 45,000 HP
  • Wave 6
  • Support is now made of squads with one Steel Gauntlet Pusher (leader), two Demomen and two Bowmen; spawn interval increased to 15 s
  • 5 Super Bonk Scouts spawn at the end (from 3) but have their standard Bonk recharge rate
  • Wave 7
  • Backup Soldiers no longer have boosted damage


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