Version 1.7

An Update

  • Rocky Massacre
  • Wave 1: Toned down Soldier & Demoman squad: 36 bots total, 6 every 10 s
  • Steel Gauntlets appear again every 5 s, same rate for basic Heavies at the end (Melee Scouts should appear sooner)
  • Wave 3: Increased Giant Battalion Soldier starting delay to 20 s and Bison Soldier spawn interval to 12 s (reload bonus removed as well)
  • Wave 4: Samurai Soldier and Axeman spawn interval increased to 15 s (and one Samurai removed from each squad)
  • Added a 3rd Giant Pyro squad and a 40,000-HP Tank, replacing the Major League Scouts
  • Pyros are relegated to support and lose their bonuses
  • Wave 5: Each Soldato Originale follows a different path when exiting the cave
  • Ultra League Scouts removed, Steel Gauntlet spawn interval increased to 25 s
  • This means that 200 credits have been moved from wave 5 to wave 4
  • Wave 6: Giant Flare Pyros removed
  • First part completely remade: several pairs of Giants regularly spawning (including a Giant Medic), support bots spawn every 15 s, Tanks have 50,000 HP (one every 80 seconds)
  • Second part: last Tank and Super Scouts appear later
  • Teutonic Thrashing
  • Wave 3: Super Scouts appear sooner in part B
  • Wave 4: 10 Bowmen removed from the beginning (4A-1); 4 Steel Gauntlets and 8 Swordsmen removed from the intermediate part (4A-2)
  • Moon Cadet spawn rate reduced to 6 bots every 10 s, 12 max
  • Wave 5: Removed damage bonuses and guaranteed crits on Captain Flare; its flares are 35% slower
  • Wave 6: Replaced permanent Engineer support with a frailer, stealthier Engineer support starting once the first part is over; support bots spawn every 12 s
  • Replaced trio of Giant Charged Soldiers with a Giant Medic healing the Giant Deflector Heavies; four squads appear at this stage
  • All Giant Medics in the second part no longer launch Übercharges
  • Super Scouts at the end are of the Bonk variant and use the pre-nerf recharge rate; only one trio appears once the Giant Heavies are dead


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