An Update

  • BugFix Fix bug with place where ct can avoid the teleport
  • BugFix lvl 4 - zombies can't climb higher rocks
  • BugFix Mini boss Troll fix hurt
  • BugFix lvl 3/4 - Once in the teleport, zombies can't kill ct immediately
  • BugFix You can't stuck yourself in the torches
  • BugFix Little corrections
  • BugFix Ivl 4 - correction of mistake, ct could not win
  • BugFix Ivl 4 - Repairing the teleport to the last boss
  • Addition New Skybox
  • Addition Add 3 materia: Katana, Heal, Ultima
  • Addition lvl 3 - longer ending
  • Addition Add Entwatch
  • Adjustment Minotaur has less HP and deals less damage
  • Adjustment Shorter timers
  • Adjustment Hp troll mini reduction
  • Improvement lvl 4 - zombies cannot enter the pond, easier defense
  • Improvement Other ending at the last level
  • Improvement Slower lasers at the ending
  • Improvement Improved particles
  • Removal Deleted fire hurt in dragon corpus cave
  • Removal Deleted NPC
  • Removal lvl 4 - deleted additional HP at the beginning of the cave


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