Version 4 Update

An Update

  • Overhaul Removed all HL2 props and textures, replacing them with TF2 appropriate substitutes.
  • Adjustment Added "$nodecal" "1" to the floor textures, preventing players from placing down sprays and marking the location of traps!
  • Removal Removed the breaking floor from Red spawn. The Motivator passed this area already so there is no need to pre-kill idle reds in spawn with this.
  • Adjustment The Motivator will now move at a consistent height above the ground along the course.
  • Adjustment Re-built the 1st trap to be properly symmetrical, changing the shape from a diamond to a circle. The top texture has also been made slippery with the "$surfaceprop" set to "ice".
  • Overhaul Converted the Pumpkin bomb trap to use tf_generic_bomb entities instead of multiple entities per bomb (This was previously was a prop_dynamic, ambient_generic, info_particle_system and env_explostion for each bomb!)
  • Adjustment Removed the bridge that spawned in place of the pumpkin bombs during easy mode. Now the 1st and 3rd set of bombs will be removed leaving their platforms in place, and the map will pick one of the remaining bombs in the remaining middle set making it a simple 50/50 chance trap.
  • Addition Added trigger_catapult brushes to the Hammer/Flipper trap, to make sure players are properly flung off the course.
  • Adjustment Fixed the Hammer not being properly aligned with the hazard markings on the floor below.
  • Addition Added a glow effect to the Uber Pyro in the fire trap.
  • Addition Added the blood particle effects used on the sawblades in koth_sawmill to the 3 sawblades in the Log trap, as well as some minor detailing to the trap.
  • Addition Added a new particle effect to the Ghost trap.
  • Overhaul Re-worked the Laser trap, replacing the env_laser based system with a new particle effect based system
  • Overhaul Added an Auto-Mode trigger to the laser trap.
  • Overhaul Updated the spinning wall design, and added a wall that flanks the sides to prevent scouts from being able to double jump around the sides. This wall disappears in Easy mode.
  • Addition Added some env_steam effects to the Piston as it opens.
  • Overhaul Like the pumpkin bombs before, the Nuke has been swapped for a tf_generic_bomb to save on entities.
  • Addition Added a hint brush for Death to the Nuke, identical to the ones used on the Hammer/Flipper and Spike traps.
  • Overhaul Made the hole left by the Nuke look like broken and torn metal, not a perfectly round hole!
  • Overhaul Added a map-wide "trigger_add_tf_player_condition" brush set to 'Cannot switch from Melee', which will make any players who pick their melee weapon be unable to switch back to their primary or secondary weapons.
  • Addition Added a damage filter to players to prevent self-damage from weapons.
  • Addition Added Melee only filter to the buttons in blues control room. Blue will be able to +use them as well.
  • Amendment Updated the button signs.
  • Adjustment Added an override to blue spawn that will force Death's health to 100, which will mostly effect VSH/FF2 based servers.
  • Overhaul Evened out the lighting quality. Different textures had lighting scale values ranging between 16 and 128, with a wide variance in between. Now all areas bar a couple detail areas use 16 (detailed areas use 8).
  • Addition Added a soundscape, set to "Harbor Inside Blue Spawn (Foundry)". It's basic, but adds some simple ambience.
  • Adjustment Rearranged the order of the spectator cameras.
  • Amendment Updated the menu_photo and menu_thumb images.
The map-wide "trigger_add_tf_player_condition" brush is enforced by a 'point_clientcommand' entity that issues a 'Slot3' command on each new round. Server admins can disable this by setting the "sv_allow_point_servercommand" CVAR to "disallow", though the "trigger_add_tf_player_condition" brush will remain and cannot be disabled by a cvar.


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