Version 3.5

An Update

  • Feature Added trajectory lines to the hitbox visualization toggle! When on the full modpack toggle, two trails will be shown every time the CPU is hit: A smoke trail will show the trajectory of the move on the character were they to not have DI'd at all; also, yellow dots will also appear for every frame of hitstun. This takes into account DI, as so can be used in conjunction with the DI toggles to see how DI affects moves' knockback.
  • Addition Added choices to the random ledge getup option. By using the side taunt when on the random ledge toggle, one can choose from Normal, Jump, Roll, Attack, and Random getups from the ledge to force the CPU to do, all at random timings.
  • BugFix Fixed Bayonetta "blasting off again...!" when set to Spam Up-B or Side-B; these moves will only be spammed when grounded now.
  • BugFix Fixed Bayonetta's second witch twist not showing effects in vanilla mode.
  • Adjustment Entry animations now always show their original effects.
  • BugFix DI down previously had some discrepancies when characters would hit moves while facing left. Now, all DI toggles are correct (and can be verified by the trajectory lines...!)


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