Denied's Basics {PRE-RELEASE 6}

An Update

  • Improvement Playtime has more Blood
  • Addition Lamps are added near windows
  • Improvement Update to the Denied talking animation while doing math
  • Removal Doors are no longer wooden
  • Addition Playtime has new music
  • Addition New door sounds
  • Addition Distraction tree has new sounds {alarm clock}
  • Improvement More updates to denied slap
  • Addition New playtime sounds
  • BugFix 1st Prize (Online dater) texture has been fixed
  • Addition 1st Prize (Online dater) New sounds
  • Improvement New ceiling texture
  • Improvement Exit sign is replaced to the broken exit sign
  • Adjustment Denied's speed is like on Pre-release 2 now.
  • Addition Secret engine updated
  • Addition New mus_school music
  • Addition Game over objects has been removed and replaced to YOU LOSE screen
  • Adjustment Some chalkboard are replaced to doors
  • Adjustment Some Posters are replaced to pictures


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