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How to add custom models - A Tutorial for Krunker

To do this your texture file need to be a .png and your 3d model need to be a obj. you also need to know the weapon and name, this is crucial for it to work, textures and models of the same weapon have the same name here is the list 

weapon_0 = Fists

weapon_1 = AWP Sniper Rifle

weapon_1_0 = Intervention Sniper Rifle

weapon_1_2 = Jagdfaust Sniper Rifle

weapon_1_3 = Good Ol' Days Sniper Rifle

weapon_1_4 = Anti Matter Sniper Rifle

weapon_1_5 = Scout Mastery Sniper Rifle

weapon_1_6 = Good Ol' Days Sniper Rifle

weapon_1_7 = Scouts Honor Sniper Rifle

weapon_2 = Assault Rifle

weapon_2_0 = Disintegrator Assault Rifle

weapon_2_1 = Good Ol' Days Assault Rifle

weapon_2_2 = Trigger Mastery Assault Rifle

weapon_3 = Pistol

weapon_3_0 = Silenced Pistol

weapon_3_2 = Ceretta 92 Pistol

Weapon_4 = Submachine Gun

weapon_4_0 = Exo-Skeleton Submachine Gun

weapon_4_0_old = PPSH Submachine Gun

weapon_4_1 = MP5 Submachine Gun

weapon_4_2 = Bizon Submachine Gun

weapon_4_3 = MP5 Submachine Gun

weapon_5 = Revolver

weapon_6 = Double Barrel Shotgun 

weapon_6_0 = Shotgun

weapon_7 = Machine Gun

weapon_7_0 = New Machine Gun

weapon_7_1 = Good Ol' Days Machine Gun

weapon_8 = Semi Auto

weapon_8_0 = Good Ol' Days Semi Auto

weapon_9 = Rocket Launcher

weapon_10 = Akimbo Uzis

weapon_10_0 = Good Ol' Days Akimbo Uzis

weapon_11 = Desert Eagle

weapon_11_0 = Silenced Desert Eagle

weapon_12 = Alien Blaster

weapon_12_old = Tec9

weapon_13 = Alien Blaster

weapon_14 = Crossbow

weapon_14_old = Shield

weapon_15 = Famas

weapon_16 = Sawed off

weapon_17 = Auto Pistol

weapon_18 = Bomb

weapon_19 = Blaster

weapon_20 = Build Tool

weapon_21 = Shield

melee_0 = Combat Knife

melee_1 = Hatchet

melee_2 = Bayonet

melee_3 = Karambit

melee_4 = Kunai

melee_5 = Wrench

melee_7 = Roller

melee_8 = Carrot

melee_9 = Ballistic Knife

melee_10 = Katana

melee_11 = Ritual Knife

melee_12 = Crowbar

melee_14 = Banana

melee_15 = Syringe

melee_17 = Microphone

melee_18 = Macuahuitl

melee_19 = Shuriken

melee_20 = Ball

melee_21 = Wand

melee_22 = Mallet

melee_23 = Pan

melee_24 = Saber

melee_25 = Chainsaw

melee_26 = Baton

once you have your weapon model and texture name it appropriatly and then make a folder and withing that folder make two more folders called models and another called textures. within the models folder make a folder called weapons and place your obj there.

and inside the textures folder make a folder called weapons, and put your textures there. once you are done select both folder and right click, there will be an option that says send to, then click zipped folder.

YAY now you have your mod!!!, to load it into krunker you simply press the mod icon and click load mod , drag the zip file and it should work

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