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Editing, rebuilding and replacing GCMs using LFS - A Tutorial for Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

Comprehensive GCM replacement tutorial for your Sunshine-y needs.

* this tutorial assumes you've homebrewed your switch and are running the latest version of atmosphere. It also assumes that you are running a hard copy of 3DAS, as that's my method of hacking.

So you want to modload your Mario sunshine model/animation files? Then you've come to the right place. The process is relatively straight forward, and I'll be your guide for importing your mods step by step.

For starters, you'll need a few tools, which you can download here:

Switch Toolbox is the all-in-one program for editing and injecting your files into compressed archives (.szs)

GCRebuilder is the all-in-one program for ISO editing and repacking. (.gcm)

Example file used in this tutorial:

Once you have your tools ready it's time to inject your edited files and replace your GCM. We'll go through the step by step process, although this tutorial isn't inherently about generating files. Generating your own binary model files (.bmd) and animation files (.bck) requires further extensive knowledge and will take me a bit longer to write a comprehensive tutorial piece for.

Okay so first things first, you'll want your gcm/iso. (Don't ask me where you can find this, use your head :P) When you have it, it's time to open up GCRebuilder and import your iso file. 

Screenshot #1: 

Next step is to right click the "root" entry on the right of the UI, and extract the filesystem contents into a dumped root folder. This method is useful for swapping your files without the constraint of file size, as opposed to directly replacing files in GCR, which have file size restrictions.

Screenshot #2: 

For this tutorial example, I'll be replacing Shadow Mario's brush to Bowser Jr's brush. There are screenshots below for comparison purposes:

Screenshot #3:  

Okay so with the edited .bmd, you'll want to open up Switch Toolbox with the dumped root folder containing the yaz0 archives (I'll be replacing Bianco6.szs, as this is the scene which contains Shadow Mario.)

Screenshot #4:

Once you've opened your archive in STB, you'll need to locate the specific folder within the scene. For this tutorial purpose, the folder in question is called "kagemario". Then, you'll need to right click the .bmd > archive > replace raw data. Raw data indicates the file type that you're replacing, so in this example it will be kagemario_brush.bmd (double click the.bmd to view it in the 3d viewport)

Screenshot #5:

Once the .bmd has been replaced with the edited one, go to file > save to repack the szs archive. Make sure to click yes on the yaz0 compression prompt

Screenshot #6: 

Now that you've saved and compressed your edited archive, the next thing to do is to open up a clean instance of GCRebuilder and go to image > open to locate the previously dumped root folder containing the edited .szs

Screenshot #7: 

After you've loaded your root, navigate to image > save and save your previously dumped root folder as Super_Mario_Sunshine_Stardust-trimmed.gcm. Make sure to select 'Gamecube image file' in the 'Save as'  section before you save. After you've saved your root folder as .GCM, navigate to file > rebuild and rebuild your .GCM. Rebuilding typically takes a few minutes, after which you'll be prompted with a success notification. 

Screenshot #8:

Once the .GCM is successfully rebuilt, navigate your SD card and set up a titlekey path in your atmosphere folder. Super Mario Sunshine's titlekey is 010049900F546002

 The folder path is as follows:

SD Root > atmosphere > contents > 010049900F546002 > romfs > MarioSunshine > Super_Mario_Sunshine_Stardust-trimmed.gcm

Lastly, run your payloader into atmosphere, boot the game up, and then load into your edited scene. I've included a sample of my own below

Screenshot #9:

Congratulations, you've successfully modloaded into your edited GCM.  It's a relatively simple process that you'll get the hang of rather quickly. Hopefully the guide was easy to follow along with, because I had issues uploading it thrice >_<. As always though, if you have an issues or questions, please let me know by dropping a comment in the thread. Happy modding!