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How to Make a Character Mod for Sonic R

A Tutorial for Sonic R


Update 2 5d
  • Addition Added a import and export section which was missing.
  • Tweak Further edited existing text.
Tutorial Update 13d Addition Improvement

This tutorial will show you how to make character mods for Sonic R by editing character models.


  • A 3D modeling program
  • An Image editor
  • A copy of Sonic R updated with Sonic R updater
  • Sonic R character model importer/exporter


Watch this video if you want to see this process in action.

Before making your mod go to your mods folder create a new folder for your mod, Type in the name of your mod. Then go to the mod folder an create a file called mod.ini, open the ini file and paste the text below into the file. After that create another folder called files in your mod folder. This is where you will copy and paste two folders named BIN and general which can be found in the folder where you installed Sonic R.

Name=(mod name here)
Author=(your name here)
Version=(insert mod version here)
Description=(insert description)

Model import: To convert the model to obj you have to drag and drop a Sonic R model to the srm2obj script, the character models can be found in the BIN folder under the OBJECTS folder, the models you want have the character's name along with _h at the end.

Model Export:
When your done making changes to a model export the model to obj and drag and drop your obj file into obj2srm. Next go to the folder for your mod and go to the directory containing the character models. After locating the directory drag and drop the bin file created by the obj2srm script.

Modeling Tips:

  • When editing a model from the game do not add or remove vertices otherwise you will get invisible polygons.
  • If you want to hide something scale any part of a character model to a very small size and hide it inside another part of the model.
  • Do not import a new model and replace the exiting. It will crash the game or cause other issues.
  • If you want your character model to have a texture with transparency simply sample the green color used in the textures.
  • You can edit the shape of the character model by moving the vertices on the model.

Texture Editing:

To get character textures go to the general folder in your Sonic R installation and drag and drop either player00.raw or player01.raw into RAW2BMP.exe. Once your done editing your texture make sure to export it as a raw file with the same name in the general folder for your mod. Before exporting the texture you need to remove the alpha channel.

Once you're done with everything above go to SonicRModloader in your mods folder and enable your mod to test it.
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