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Creating Content in Paragon Part 4: Chapters

A Tutorial for Fire Emblem Fates

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Welcome to part 4 of my Creating Content in Paragon series. This will be a very basic guide on how to edit and add your own chapters. Chapters are one of the most complicated things to edit in the game so this guide will only focus on editing an existing chapter or duplicating an existing chapter and editing that.

1. Requirements

Paragon by Thane98

A dump of the game

2. Section 1: Chapter Editor

Because Chapters are much more complicated then characters or items. Chapters have multiple different files involved so instead of using a module we'll be heading to the "Dedicated Editors" tab and launch the Chapters editor.

You can adjust the boxes you your liking. The Chapter Editor is spit into a few different sections. On the left you have a list of chapters, and on the right is the editors. The Editor section has 3 different tabs. Config is basically the chapter module from the module tabs. Map is a Dispo and Terrain editor which features a visual representation of the map itself, and Characters loads the person module with the file used in the selected chapter.

2.1. Config Tab

The config tab contains information that can be seen using the chapter module as well as music used. 
You can add a new chapter by using the "+" button, paragon will prompt you to select a chapter to use as a base. you then have to make a new CID for your chapter. your CID should start with "CID_" after that is can be what you want, but I would keep it simple. Try to choose a chapter which has the map you want to use
  • The Key and CID can't be edited and should not be edited in the first place. Once a CID has been made it should not be changed.
  • Birthright Chapters are marked "A", Conquest in marked "B", and Revelation uses "C". "X" is for Paralogues and "M" is for Amiibo Hero Battles.
  • The Battlefield is the model the chapter will use for the map.
  • ID is unique to each chapter and must come in order.
  • Index is used for main story, messing with this can break main story chapter unlocking.
  • Condition is the required chapter to beat before the chapter will unlock
  • Married Character is the required married character before the chapter will unlock.
  • Route flags control which route the chapter can be unlocked on.

2.2. Map Tab: Spawns

The map tab has a Dispo editor, for editing spawns and units, and a Terrain editor, for editing the terrain. Note; the terrain editing will not edit to look of the map at all, only how the game determines which tiles are plains, forrest, walls, ect. Most of the editing will be done in this tab.

At the top left of the map there are 2 toggles, one for changing between spawn editing and Terrain, the other is to change between coordinate 1 and 2, which are used for spawn mode only. 
When Spawn mode you will see a list of spawn groups left of the map. The player group and enemy groups are found in on every map will will spawn the units at the start of the chapter. Other groups have to be scripted to spawn. 

Selecting a unit in the spawn group menu will highlight them on the map and give detailed information on the right of the map. You can also select a unit on the map itself. With a unit Selected you can click another point on the map to change the units coordinates.
  • PID is the unit that will be spawned, these units have to be in the GameData or the person file for the chapter.
  • Coordinate 1 is where the unit will spawn and coordinate 2 is where the unit will move to when spawning. these will usually be the same. you can switch between coordinates using the toggle. Edit these uses the map window.
  • The "Player" flag should only be used on the player. It forces the to be used.
  • the "Forced Unit" flag forces the unit to be used.
  • The "Deployment Slot" is used for choosable units, the rest of the PID is ignored.
  • Normal, Hard, and Lunatic determine what difficulty the unit spawns on, a player unit should have all 3.
  • The "New Player Unit" and "Forced into Players Army" are used for new units who join in the chapter.
  • Items and Skills will determine what the unit has. this are ignored on player units unless they're new units.

2.3. Map Tab: Terrain

The terrain editor can be used the change the map model or the terrain advantages. 
Most of this data doesn't need to be changed at all however the option is there. hover over a tile with your mouse to see what terrain is. Selecting a terrain type from the left will give you details about it. When a terrain type is selected you can then paint it onto the map the change the terrain.
Note: Changing the data for a terrain type is globally change it for every map.

2.4. Characters Tab

The characters tab is just the Person editor from the modules tab but with the chapter's person file loaded. here you can change or add units which will only be available in the current chapter. for more details on the person module you can use my guide on adding characters here.

3. Section 2: Scripts and Dialogue

If you're making a new chapter there's some additional files the need to be made. First there's the .cmb scripts found in the Scripts folder. and the dialogue .bin found in the m folder. these's folders will have sub folders for path specific chapters and the m folder will have an @ folder for your language. 
Note: so chapters have scripts found in the bev folder, these are for cutscenes and will be required

You'll have to make copies of the existing files from the chapter you originally made a copy of in Paragon. Setup folders in your project folder to match the ones in the rom folder. Once the files are copied over just rename them to the CID of your new chapter without the "CID_".

cmb files can be edited with Exalt, another tool created by Thane98. And dialogue can be edited with Conversation Editor a Tool created by Secretive Cactus. Both tools will require their own tutorials to explain.

Other Guides:
Part 1: Items
Part 2: Classes
Part 3: Characters
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