Installing Custom Skins in Minecraft

A Tutorial for Minecraft

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Hi. Today I'll Teach you to how to Install Custom Skins in Minecraft.
We'll do it With WinRAR.
It's So Easy!

1. Download your own Skin from Internet, Make Sure that the Skin Name and Extension must be "steve.png" and its Size (Resolution) must be 64x64! (If it's not 64x64, your Model in Game will Appear Incorrectly :D)

2. Go to your Minecraft Directory. To Find it, Press the keys "WINDOWS KEY + R". then type "appdata". Once Opened, Navigate to Roaming, Then .minecraft.

3. Once you Found the Directory, Go to Versions Folder, Select your Version Number Folder (For me its 1.12.2), Open it and you Should see "yourversionnumber.jar".

Now Open it With WinRAR (I highly Recommend WinRAR instead of 7-ZIP), Navigate to "assets\minecraft\textures\models\entity", Find the Booooooring "steve.png" File, Click Add at top of WinRAR Window, Then Select the New "steve.png" File and Click OK.

4. Open Minecraft and Enjoy!

If your Model isn't Changed or Sucks (The hand Texture is at top, Mouth in Stomach, etc..., Read the Tutorial Carefully again!
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