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How to: Edit Textures for The Quest - A Tutorial for The Quest.

The Quest is a pretty simple game in terms of textures and how they're presented, each texture has a few sub-textures for the animation of attacking and such. This is how I've learned how to make texture mods for The Quest and is by no means the best way (I don't think). For this tutorial I will be using Adobe Photoshop CC and will the steps will be explained using Photoshop.

First starting off you need to locate the installation of your game files, generally they're located in 

steam\steamapps\common\The Quest

Once located you need to back up the default texture data of the game which is held in the data.pak file, simply copy and paste to back it up and keep the original somewhere safe. Now that you have the copy edit the file extension to make it this will allow you to freely access the file with any archiving software such as 7zip or WinRar (This will not harm the files in any way, simply click OK on the dialog box that pops up).

Now open the archive that has been converted and you will be greeted by 7 folders, go into the worlds folder, this is where a majority of the textures are held. If you notice that are all in the .DDS file format for Photoshop to properly open these you require the NVIDIA Texture Tools found here:

NVIDIA Texture Tools

From there download and install the tools, now all .DDS files should be able to be opened no problem. You can look through all the files to find which textures you wish to edit for this tutorial we will edit the hand-axe it's file names are as follows:

Simply drag those out of the archive to copy them to anywhere you want them for editing. Notice there are 4 files each file represent a frame of animation, therefor if you want a skin to be complete you must edit all of them so your skin appears in all stages of the animation.

When opening a .DDS file you will be greeted with this prompt:

Simply click OK with the settings shown above.

Once the file is open you can freely edit it to your liking, 1 thing to note about the textures that The Quest uses, the alpha channel must be preserved in order for it to appear correctly in-game, the alpha channel determines the shape of the weapon, you can either leave it as is or edit it to edit the shape. When saving textures for The Quest the file type must be correct in order for the game to correctly boot/load the texture.

For our hand-axe skin we'll simply be editing the color of the axe handle:

Now simply repeat for all the frames of the animation for the skin to be fully shown in-game.

Now when saving a .DDS file the alpha channel must be preserved for it to appear correctly in-game, when saving these are the settings I use:

With those settings simply click Save and gather up all of your files. With your files drag them into the archive of the textures to the same place you found the textures. Now rename the archive back to data.pak and place it in your The Quest directory.

Launch the game and load your save and you should be good to go!

If you want to reset your textures back to default either re-replace the files from the backed up archive, or replace the modded archive entirely with the backed up data.pak.

Final screenshots at the top of the submission. 

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