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How To Add The Underhell.FGD To Hammer - A Tutorial for Underhell


Version 2 5y
  • - Figured out how to properly give updates
  • - Removed useless "numgrenades" keyvalue from npc_citizen
  • - Added input HardSave to logic_autosave
  • - Fixed several instances of NPCs not properly changing their models in-editor to the ones the user chose
  • - Added "Radius" keyvalue to the func_monitor
  • - Added "Angles" keyvalue to info_nodes, to stop spam from the "Check For Problems" dialog
  • - Removed some old useless keyvalues from the default FGD
  • - Added "Radius" and "TextureName" keyvalue to env_projectedtexture, you can now set the material of the projected texture without a logic_auto
  • - Added "SpeedModifier" keyvalue to npc_infected
  • - Added "OnPlayerPickup" output to items
  • - Added some addition bases to items and weapons
  • - Item_random no longer has keyvalues for what it can spawn, you have to add them manual like the game_player_equip
  • - Removed useless meleeweapon and model keyvalues from npc_infected
  • - Added "OnDisabledKickAttempted" output to logic_playerproxy
  • - Added "DamageDelay" keyvalue to trigger_hurt
  • - Added "Radius" keyvalue to func_monitor
  • - Added "OnStopLooking" to trigger_look
  • - Added "OutCounter" output to env_global
  • - Added "StripWeapon" input to player_weaponstrip, it strips a specific weapon
  • - Added "RenderTarget" keyvalue to point_camera
  • - Changed keyvalue "shootsound" on env_gunfire from choices to a string
  • - Added "OverrideSkyFog" keyvalue and "SetMaxDensity" input to env_fog_controller
  • - Added "EnableGun" and "EnableMountedGun" to prop_vehicle_jeep and some other base vehicle stuff
  • - Added "EnterVehicleImmediatelyAsDriver" input to npc_citizen
  • - Added some useful inputs from the prop_dynamic to prop_door_rotating
  • - Added an editor icon for item_random instead of the obsolete icon
  • - Fixed item_ammo_(weapon)_large models showing up as errors

Boy, it's been a while since I've updated this, I literally worked all day today to fix up and add a lot of things to the old FGD I released for Underhell, and one of the changes is:

Item Randoms no longer have keyvalues for what can be spawned

It's not a big flaw, the item_random works the same way as the game_player_equip entity, turn off SmartEdit and add the classname in the key and the number 1 for the value.  I went through every single Underhell map of Chapter 1 to find all the keyvalues and inputs/outputs that Mxthe has used throughout Underhell.  I can say I'm really impressed on how they expanded some very limited entities in the Source Engine.  Anyway I've went through all the maps and added everything I can, some I don't even know what they do yet, so I'm really hoping to hear some feedback on the FGD (as I'm sure I've screwed up numerous times). 

Happy Mapping!


How To Add The Underhell.FGD To Hammer

In this tutorial I will be showing how to add Underhell.fgd to Hammer

Video Version Here

A few days ago, I learned on my own to make a fgd file for Hammer, so I made a Underhell.fgd, and it is currently in "stable" condition, so if their any bugs with the fgd, let me know.

This is really easy, if you followed my last tutorial for setting up Hammer for Underhell tutorial

First off, open up your local disk and go to

C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/SourceMods/Underhell

minimize that folder and download this link

Once that file is downloaded open up the zip folder that was downloaded and you should see a FGD folder, place that folder in

C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/SourceMods/Underhell

Now that thats done, open up your Underhell Hammer, and let it load up, once it's loaded go up to tools>options and then in the Game Configuration, where you see Game Data Files, remove all fgd files from that list and then once all are removed, click Add and go to:

C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/SourceMods/Underhell/FGD

And double-click Underhell.fgd, and then click okay or apply


Then restart Hammer, and your all done, you can test to see if the fgd works by making a npc_ace, if you are able to make the npc then it works.

Let me know if there are any bugs, I will update the fgd, so let me know in the comments of this tutorial!

additional information you should know at here


To update your underhell.fgd, delete the fgd folder and redownload it from the link!

Old(er) Updates


  • Added "Door Is Kickable" Onto Prop_Door_Rotating, Func_Door, And Func_Door_Rotating

  • Changed NPC_Combine_S Model KeyValue From Choices To Studio

  • Added Inputs Glow And SetGlowColor To Entities With Targetnames

  • Added Missing Item_Healthkit, Item_Healthvial, And Item_Bandages To Item_Random

  • Added Missing Item_Ammo_Smg1_Grenade, And Weapon_Frag To Item Random

  • Added Input BecomeClientRagdoll To Prop_Dynamic

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