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Editing Unusual Effects

A Tutorial for Team Fortress 2

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I've noticed a few of the new halloween unusual effects seeming a bit too 'real' to fit TF2, such as the Misty Skull effect, so I changed it. I'm using Misty Skull for this example tutorial. You'll need: - Paint.NET, Gimp or Photoshop, having the VTF extension plugin - GCFScape - Common Sense First off, what you want to do is to set TF2's launch options to include '-tools'. This is done by going into your Steam Library, right clicking Team Fortress 2, clicking properties, and click 'Set Launch Options'. Just add '-tools' to the box (without quotes), make sure that sets, and close affirmative. Now you'll need the particle file that holds all the unusual effects. Open GCFScape, and inside your tf folder (C:\Program Files[(x86)]\Steam\steamapps\team fortress 2\tf), open 'tf2\_misc\_dir.vpk', go to root>particles, and copy 'item\_fx.pcf' to your desktop, or if you're running DX80, copy 'item\_fx\_dx80.pcf'. Next, open TF2. This will open something different from the default tf2 menu. Go to Tools and click on 'Particle Editor'. Go to File>Open, and open the particle file that we got earlier. If you're going for your own custom effect, search around for your unusual particle effect. For time's sake, we'll be doing the Misty Skull effect which is, in the editor, prefixed with 'unusual\_skull\_misty', or just for the icon of the skull, 'unusual\_skull\_misty\_skull'. Click on that, and in the properties box (default under the list of effects), look for 'Tree' (label of that section of properties), where you should find a list of things pertaining to the particle. Look for 'material', and look across to find the name of the file which contains the effect image. In this case, it's 'effects\skull002.vmt', and that's what we need to find now. Open up GCFScape again, and in your steamapps folder, open 'tf2\_textures\_dir.vpk' and navigate to root>materials>effects, and find the name of the effect of your unusual (in this case, skull002.vtf) and copy that to your desktop. Open this image in Paint.NET, Gimp or Photoshop, or whatever you can edit it with, and make the edits that you want to the image, or create a new one entirely. For time's sake again, I just googled a sandvich with transparent background, and just replaced the skull with that, then just changed it to black and white, with more contrast. Then I saved it to my desktop with the same name. To put it in-game, put it in a set of folders mirroring the file's path in GCFScape (put it in a newly-created folder named 'effects' inside another new folder named 'materials'). I then put this materials folder inside another folder, it can be named anything, but I chose 'Misty Sandvich', and then put this folder inside my 'custom' folder, or if you feel like making it a VPK, drag this folder onto 'vpk.exe', inside Team Fortress 2/tf/bin, then put the newly created vpk file, which is now on your desktop, into your custom folder, which is inside Steam Directory>steamapps>common>Team Fortress 2/tf. Last thing to do is remove '-tools' from your Team Fortress 2 Launch Options, after closing the game. Start the game up, and load any map you wish, as long as there's a time limit and you can either use itemtest to get the Misty Skull effect, or if you own a Misty Skull unusual already you can use that. I chose to open the map itemtest, then typed 'itemtest' in console (without quotes) and created a loadout that would show up, with the Misty Skull effect. Just select any class, select a weapon, then select a hat, select a paint if you want, then select your unusual effect, or Misty Skull if you followed the example. Click 'Apply Test Items', and you should see a bot with the effect you created, and you should see it on yourself if you taunt. I'f you use this tutorial to make your own effect, I'd appreciate some credit or recognition, but to be honest, you don't need to. :) Mine is shown here: ![]( "")


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