NFS:U2 How to make player's Skyline

A Tutorial for Need for Speed: Underground 2

A tutorial fro those who tried but never succeded, or simply for those interested.

In this tutorial I'll show you how to make the Nissan Skyline shown in the tutorials. Never got annoyed or bored by the fact that you never actually made the car run the same like in the tutorials? No more problems that now I figured out how to do it. So let's begin: **PERFORMANCE** **ENGINE** Cold Air Intake System High Flow Intake Manifold Larger Diameter Downpipe Racing Camshaft and Gears Port and Polish Heads High Flow Headers **ECU** Remove Top Speed Limiter Engine Management Unit **TRANSMISSION** Short Throw Shift Kit Lightweight Flywheel Differential **SUSPENSION** Strunt Tower Bar Performance Springs and shocks Front and rear sway bars Adjustable camber plater **N20(Nitrous)** Extreme Package. **TIRES** Pro Package **BRAKES** Steel braided brake lines Large diameter rotors Race compound brake pads 6 piston race calipers **WEIGHT REDUCTION** First, Second, and last package(install them in this way). **TURBO** Pro Package **PARTS** Spoiler - Airforce Hood - Tri-Slot Roof Scoop - Annex Headlights - Apex Exhaust Tips - Rocket RIMS - NFSU2 - Ciclone - Size 20(Biggest) Wide Body Kit - Mantis **VISUALS** Paint: Well here are two versions, because it appears with a different paint in some in-game tutorials(such as the drift tutorial in Jackson Heights). So here they are: Metallic - Blue (3rd one, first row) Metallic - Blue (second row, 6th one) VINYLS: Stripe - 4 - Yellow Color(5th one, first row). SO GUYS THIS IS HOW TO MAKE THE CAR!!! Q: Wait I saw other versions of doing it how do I know this is good? A: Because I made it exactly as it appears in all tuts, 100% authentic! Q: In the drag tutorial the Skyline's red line in RPMs begins at 7500(7 and a half) but your appears in 8500(8 and a half), why? A: Actually I tried every possible version, but none of them was close enought, even with Dyno Tuning, It's impossible to reach that RPMs with this version of Skyline, only with a mod you might reach them. Q: Why you're lagging? A: Slow PC... Also, the video is available on YT ( ) **If you have some questions please ask, and leave a comment and rate :)**
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Key Authors
Whole Tutorial
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In-game Tutorials with the Car.
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Original Car
Making a how-to in order to build it.


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