CryEngine2 Weapon Compiling Guide

A Tutorial for Crysis

A comprehensive guide for compiling Weapons and Props in to Crysis/CryEngine2

**Update**: Fixed some spelling errors and corrected some path locations. I may create the directory (with SDK files included) and upload that too. Thanks to [natko]( "") for setting up the Gamefiles download. Introduction ============ So this started out as a project for school; I was to create a 20 page magazine with a topic of my choice. This was assigned to me days after compiling my M4 into Crysis, so what better subject to do it on than Compiling? I used a lot of images from Google, but the page design and layout was all done by me, including some renders and screenshots from 3DS max. Thank you [Agent95]( "") for letting me use your pro textures! There is A LOT of information in here ... 20 pages worth ... that being said, I'm sure I missed a thing or two. If someone is bold enough to do this entire process, PLEASE let me know if something is missing or you get stuck somewhere so that I can edit it in. I am aware that page 9 is blurry; I'm an idiot and saved over it. The tutorial is in a .PDF format, so you may need Adobe Reader or whatever. I know text-based tutorials aren't anyone's favorite thing, but that's how it is. ###### DO NOT RATE THIS UNLESS YOU TRIED IT. - I do not want to be rated highly if it doesn't even work ... - I appreciate comments on the design and effort, but please do not actually rate its integrity without testing it first hand. DOWNLOAD: [HERE]( "")! Enjoy!
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