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Internet scanning and downloading tool for the expert and the novice. Use it to scan a site and create a complete profile of the site’s structure, files, external links and even link errors. BlackWidow will download all file types such as pictures and images, audio and MP3, videos, documents, ZIP, programs, CSS, Macromedia Flash, .pdf , PHP, CGI, HTM to MIME types from any web sites. Pull links from Java Scripts and Java Scripts files, scan Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) and Flash files for links + more from any web site. Write your own "Plugins" for impossible to scan sites. Net Spy: BlackWidow can monitor all your web activity and build a structure of everything you visit on every web site. This feature is especially useful to find hidden links to files, or to spot redirections to other URLs. Use it when loading a page to find out what files and images are being loaded, then download them, or even the links to popup windows. Not only the BlackWidow NetSpy can spy BlackWidows own browser, it will spy any other programs accessing the internet, and it doesn’t have to be a browser! Plugins: Support for custom plugins is one of the main feature of BlackWidow. Not only BlackWidow can scan any web site, but it comes a time when you simply can not scan a site the standard way. Plugins are easy to make and you need very little programming experience to make your own using one of our templates. We can also make plugins for you! BlackWidow comes with many plugins such as EmailRetriever, which let you find emails, even hidden ones. The LinksExplorer plugin lets you search for links in files other than HTML, for example, PDF documents, and even Flash Movies. The URL Changer plugin lets you modify or substitute a URL for another. The Doc Changer plugin lets you modify web pages before BlackWidow parses them. These plugins are perfect examples of why BlackWidow is the #1 preferred spider. Site Structure: One of the unique feature of BlackWidow is that it can reproduce the web site directory structure, as if you were to look at the site using FTP or Windows Explorer. This facilitate downloading parts of a site, or even to examine the site layout. Webmasters will find this approach very useful in finding linked folders or files left forgotten that may be a threat to the web site security. Web Browser: BlackWidow is equipped with a browser so that you can navigate to the site or page you want to scan. The BlackWidow browser can be set to cancel annoying popup windows. Emails: BlackWidow doesn’t have to scan only for images or files. It can scan for emails too. With its customizable Email Plugin, you can scan for and retrieve hidden emails. Errors: BlackWidow will list all link errors found by listing the links with the server error code and description. This include broken links, mistyped links, server errors such as configuration errors etc. BlackWidow can be configured to list the status of links to external web sites to make it easy to find links which no longer exist. Links Generator: Many times you’ll find a web site with sequentially named files or images. The Links Generator plugin will let you generate links for BlackWidow to try. This eliminates the need to try them one by one. For example, you can make BlackWidow to scan for img001.jpg to img999.jpg and all of those which are good will be listed in the structure. Even those which were not linked. The syntax algorithm used (developed by SoftByte Labs) is simple and allow patterns within patterns to create links that otherwise is impossible to create using a normal sequential algorithm. Download: BlackWidow can scan a site without downloading it to your hard drive. For this reason, you can build the structure of the site which you can save as a .web file. Share with others your .web file, such as in our web files area. Use .web files to reload a site in BlackWidow to continue your download, or simply to select other files to download. Regular Expressions: is the most powerful text manipulation engine ever invented. They are used intensively on UNIX systems and, BlackWidow. Build scan filters to include/exclude a wide range of URLs and Files to scan. Use them in plugins to modify a document before it is parsed, such as changing thumbnails image tages into full size image links. Change javascript links into normal links. Use them to find emails even if they do not include the @ sign. There are countless ways to use regular expressions, and blackWidow uses them well, reducing your scan time by as much as 500%. BlackWidow include a regular expression test program to test your expressions before using them Expandable: BlackWidow can be customized in any which way you like by using Plugins. For example, you could make a plugin that will search and extract information from a web site database, say, an online store, a job recruiting web site etc. If you are a novice or an experienced programmer, you can make a plugin in less than 15 minutes. We provide a plugin template for C++, Delphi and PowerBasic. All you have to do is fill in the blanks, write your code and you're done. If you are not a programmer or simply do not have the time to make your own plugin, we'll make one, just let us know what the requirements are. Keep in mind that plugins can do anything, you need not restrict your plugin to scanning files only. The SlowDown plugin for example, slows down the scan randomly to make it look like a human is navigating the site, not a spider. Windows Compatibility: Vista/XP/200x will work on NT4/ME/9x



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