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Aemulus Package Manager - A Modding Tool for Persona 4 Golden (PC)


Version 5.4.0 5mo
  • Addition Added merging capabilities for .bmd, .bf, and .pm1 files courtesy of AnimatedSwine37
  • BugFix Fixed spd merging for .dds files saved using Gimp
  • Refactor Moved initializing media player and counting stats to other threads to speed up UI a bit
  • BugFix Resolved issue of update requests being too long when there's over 50 mods
  • Addition Added loadouts! (Huge thanks to AnimatedSwine37)
  • Refactor Switched exe used for creation of cpks to be more compatible with P5 EX
  • Addition Added option to rename P5 cpks in the config (rebuilding will only delete the currently named cpk)
  • Addition Added keyboard shortcuts (shown in tooltips)
  • Addition Added multiselect to grid
This is the entire changelog from 5.2.0 to 5.4.0. Frequent updates are posted on Github and are auto-updated directly when using Aemulus
Version 5.2.0 7mo Refactor5 Addition12 BugFix3 Improvement2 Amendment Optimization2 Version 5.1.0 8mo Addition2 Tweak Version 5.0.0 10mo Addition Version 4.0.0 10mo Suggestion Addition Refactor Overhaul

An all-in-one tool for creating merged Persona mod loadouts.

Note: 1-click installs only work on v5.0.0+

1. Introduction

The wait is finally over!  No longer will you have to manually merge conflicting bin files found in different mods.  This is the latest and greatest mod package manager, made specifically for Persona 4 Golden on PC, Persona 3 FES, Persona 5, and Persona 5 Strikers.

2. How to Use

2.1. Prerequisites

To easily download all prerequisites at once, I recommend using Pixelguin's All-in-One Installer.

2.2. Pointing to the Correct Output Directory

After unzipping the download, just double-click AemulusPackageManager.exe to launch the program.

The first thing you'll want to do is click the Config (Cog Icon) button on the top left.  From there click the Select Output Folder button on top.  Select the mods folder found in your Persona 4 Golden Steam game directory.  This is where your merged mod loadout will be output.

  •  For Persona 4 Golden, select the mods folder found in your Persona 4 Golden Steam game directory.  This is where your merged mod loadout will be output.
  • For Persona 3 FES, select the same folder that SLUS_216.21.ELF is located.
  • For Persona 5, select \PS3_GAME\USRDIR found by right clicking the game in RPCS3 and selecting Open Install Folder.
  • For Persona 5 Strikers, select ...\P5S\data\motor_rsc.

2.3. Unpacking Base Files

In order to merge files, Aemulus needs to unpack your game's base files first. You only need to do this once.  If you download another update for Aemulus Package Manager, you can just move the contents of the Original folder to the new update's one without having to unpack again.

Open the Config menu and fill out all the paths, then click Unpack Base Files. A prompt to select the necessary path will come up if you click the button without filling out the paths.  You'll find the unpacked files for Aemulus in your Original/ folder.

Keep in mind that Persona 3 FES and Persona 5 take a much longer time than Persona 4 Golden to unpack.

Persona 5 Strikers doesn't need to unpack any base files but instead makes copies of the original files and rdbs that will be patched and replaced on the first run through. 

2.4. Adding Packages

Once you've set up Aemulus, drop your extracted mods into the Packages/ folder found in the same folder as AemulusPackageManager.exe. You can easily access this folder using the Opened Folder button on top.

After clicking refresh, you'll see all of your packages appear in the middle of the Aemulus window.

You can now click the New button on the top right to create a directory along with metadata and a preview.  The directory will pop up when you click confirm and you can drop the contents of the mod inside.

2.5. Setting Up Your Loadout/Package Priority

Next, you'll need to set up your package loadout. Packages are disabled by default, so enable the ones you want by checking the box to the left of each package.

You can drag and drop mods to move them up and down in order of priority. A higher priority mod has its files merged later, meaning it will overwrite more packages and fewer packages will overwrite it.

If you'd like Higher Priority to be shown on the bottom, you can easily swap them using the Up and Down Arrow button on the top right.

Remember, any mod will work with Aemulus, but the mod creator has to either use loose files or provide a mods.aem file for bin merging to be supported. Without either, a package with a bin file will overwrite the file completely, so it's recommended that you put non-Aemulus mods at the bottom of the grid.

2.6. Final Step - Merging and Building Your Loadout

Please note that Aemulus will completely erase the previous contents of your output folder when creating a loadout with the exception of the .elf for Persona 3 and everything else in USRDIR for Persona 5. Back up your current folder if you aren't sure about the changes you're making, and make sure not to use a location like Desktop for your output.

Finally, to merge all supported bin files and build your loadout , just click the Build button (Hammer icon) at the top.  The console at the bottom will print what Aemulus manager is currently doing. 

Don't worry if it seems like the console is stuck on "unpacking" something. Some files take longer than others to unpack.

A window will pop up once everything is complete. Congratulations, you're all done!
Now when you run P4G through Reloaded-II, the game will utilize your brand new loadout.

3. Downloading Mods

You can use 1-click installation buttons within GameBanana or the in-app browser download buttons to download mods to their proper location for easy installation. This method makes it so you don't have to manually install zips and extract them yourselves.

4. Extracting/Zipping

You can drag folders/zips over the New Package button (Folder with +) to extract/move them into the proper directories.  This is a QoL feature implemented due to many end users messing up the specific directory structure many mods should have.  For modders, there's also the right click option to zip the package as a .7z to the file location of choice.

5. Compatibility with P4G Music Manager

Since Aemulus Package Manager deletes the entire mods directory everytime you rebuild, it also deletes the mods/SND folder which P4G Music Manager utilizes.  To add compatibility I added a checkbox in the Config menu to Empty SND Folder.  By default, it leaves the SND folder in tact.  Enabling it will delete the SND Folder.

6. Launching the Game from the Manager

A new QoL feature added in v1.2 is the Launch button (now looks like a rocket ship).  This is used to be able to launch your modded game straight from the package manager after building your loadout.  You can setup the paths for this to work in the config menu.  Under P4G Launch Shortcut click browse to select P4G.exe and Reloaded-II.exe in their proper spots.  Once you picked valid exe's, the Launch button on the main window will now start the game for you.

7. For Mod Creators

For more information how to create/convert mods to be made mergeable by Aemulus, see the GitHub's

8. FAQ

8.1. What makes a mod Aemulus Compatible?

All mods are compatible with Aemulus, some just might need a simple directory change.  The contents of the directory should be in the root folder of the Package alongside the Package.xml and optional Preview.png

8.2. What about mods that are made for Mod Compendium?

These mods just need to have a simple directory change to make them work in Aemulus. Just drop these mods in the Packages folder and hit refresh. Aemulus will automatically convert these mods for you thanks to ShrineFox.

8.3. Why is my antivirus acting up?

For some reason the latest update triggered some of my testers' antivirus programs.  Also make sure your antivirus didn't block any of the Dependencies. Simply make AemulusPackageManager.exe an exception in order to use it.  The code base is now open source so feel free to look through it and even build it yourself if you're still worried about the antivirus notification.

8.4. An error occurred saying that access is denied. What do I do?

If this happens, run AemulusPackageManager.exe as an administrator.  This happened because the exe didn't have the proper permissions to clear out what's currently in the output folder.

9. Future Plans

I have a lot of ideas in mind to keep on improving Aemulus.  These include the following: 

  • Improve my code and algorithms to optimize the merging process
  • Add separators between mods (requested by Pixelguin to use for his modpack)
  • Merging bmd files

If you have any suggestions/issues for Aemulus please make a Github Issue. For simple troubleshooting help feel free to ask in #troubleshooting in my Discord Server.  I'm also very active on the Discord found on the Gamebanana page for Persona 4 Golden if you wish to talk to me there.

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    For the past month now, everytime I try to check for updates, I get an error along the lines of "Connection error whilst checking for updates: Response status code does not indicate success: 400 (Bad Request)." Idk if I need to reinstall it or not but I just thought I'd note it just in case.

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  • Is P4G Vita support planned at all?
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    5mo 5mo
    The Most recent update kinda broke it, was this a me only issue? 

    edit: Mostly fixed, persona 4 is fixed but persona 5 is still broken, it keeps showing "Cannot find original/persona 5/battle/script/enemy/_ai0363 & _ai0439. " even after redowloading ameulus, & the mods and redumping
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    Super High School Level Glitch
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    Was working fine yesterday. All of a sudden it's stuck on "building mod.cpk" 

    Edit: nvm deleting one of the mod packages seemed to fix it
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    So, I did the last automatic update for Aemulus and it seems that it won't check for mod updates now. I've looked around about a half-hour or so to fix the issue, but I haven't seen anyone with this specific issue and all else I've seen were related to hosting servers.

    If there's something I can do- or edit a file to solve this, please let me know.
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    Hey, I'm having trouble running Reloaded-II mods with mods for this loader. How do I use mods for both loaders at the same time?
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    Hey this has been an extremely useful thing for me so far just to get that out of the way but I'm having a weird bug where it constantly loops here until I exit the program when compiling. I only have what's in the CEP, AH Igor, Ramen to Cereal, and a custom calendar and that works fine but when I try to add the Skills and Persona expansion mod it does this loop and I'm following the instructions on that page to get it working. I reported this on that page and was told this was just an issue with Aemulus so I'm reporting it here just to let you know.
    Plays too much SA1
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  • I'm new to this modding stuff so sorry if i'm being stupid.
    Where exactly is the .EXE file that it keeps telling me to open?
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  • I'm not sure whether this is the right place to report this, but I noticed that Ameleus seems to prevent the game files from displaying on this website whether it's in use or has been used to link to or download something from the browser. I first noticed it with Pale Moon when I couldn't find any game files for mods, which switching Firefox fixed it until I used the Ameleus One-click installer causing the files to completely disappear after use, even on the same page I downloaded from. Restarting the browser did not fix it, nor did clearing the cookies and browsing data from the browser. I'm currently on v5.0.6 of Ameleus and was wondering if you could look into this.
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    Thanks! That fixed it! :)
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