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BCML: BOTW Cross-Platform Mod Loader - A Modding Tool for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)


v3.7.1 6d
  • Improvement Restore the sane and sensible folder browser (Windows)
  • BugFix Fix for areadata merging
  • BugFix Fix permission error ( Linux, #212) - @tam1m
  • BugFix Fix for conversion of mods with options - @Nitr4m12
  • Amendment Removed .bphyssb from excluded platform converter extensions - @Nitr4m12
v3.7.0 24d Addition3 Improvement3 Refactor Amendment BugFix2 v3.6.2 2mo BugFix v3.6.1 2mo BugFix v3.6.0 2mo Feature Improvement3 BugFix

A mod merger and manager for BOTW

1. A Mod Loader?

Why a mod loader for BOTW? Installing a mod is usually easy enough once you have a homebrewed console or a emulator. Is there a need for a special tool?

Yes. As soon as you start trying to install multiple mods, you will find complications. The BOTW game ROM is fundamentally structured for performance and storage use on a family console, without any support for modification. As such, files like the resource size table or TitleBG.pack will almost inevtiably begin to clash once you have more than a mod or two. Symptoms can include mods simply taking no effect, odd bugs, actors that don't load, hanging on the load screen, or complete crashing. BCML exists to resolve this problem. It identifies, isolates, and merges the changes made by each mod into a single modpack that just works.

2. Prerequisites

  • Windows 10 (7-8 might work but are not supported) or basically any modern Linux distribution
  • A legal, unpacked game dump of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Wii U (version 1.5.0)
  • The latest x64 Visual C++ redistributable

3. Setup

There are two primary options for installing BCML. 

The best way is to install BCML from PyPI. For help with this, consult the video tutorial at the top of this page.

  1. Make sure you already have the latest x64 Visual C++ installed.
  2. Install Python 3.7 or 3.8 (64 bit), making sure to checl Add Python to PATH.
  3. Install BCML using pip in a Command Prompt: pip install bcml
  4. Run BCML using the command bcml or by making a shortcut to bcml.exe, which is located in Python's Scripts folder.
You can also install from source.

On first use, you will have to point BCML to the directories containing your unpacked base game and DLC files. The first run wizard will try to guide you.

4. Usage and Troubleshooting

For information on how to use BCML, watch the intro video above, see the Help dialog in-app, or read the documentation on the repo. For issues and troubleshooting, please check the in-app help and the official Troubleshooting page before commenting.

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  • Noeseso55 avatar
    Noeseso55 Joined 3y ago
    923 points Ranked 44,412th
    how do i update BCML the built-in updater crashes every time i try to update. Am I doing something wrong?
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  • TronKitten avatar
    TronKitten Joined 3y ago
    36 points Ranked 75,152nd
    Is there any way to install this without pip? -_- I keep getting an error code 1 when I run "pip install bcml" and I cant find anything anywhere to fix it
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  • AnthSalmo avatar
    AnthSalmo Joined 3y ago
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    6d 6d
    Hi. I am trying to update BCML from 3.7.0 to 3.7.1. BCML asks for the update, however, it just close the application and it never do the update, so I tried to update from CMD with pip install bcml command, without luck.  I have Python 3.8.10 on my OS. Do you have any suggestion?
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  • After the last update, Huryle rebalance mod does not install properly anymore. It does not give any options during install and when trying to play, the game does not go past the initial loading screen.

    Other people seem to have the same problem. Any idea what is wrong?
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  • every time i try connecting the games to the mods it wouldnt work
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  • error report: problem when switching between profiles
    throws an error and loads blank

    I tried to put the error message, but the site won't let me, something about illegal html

    (just got the update, no idea if this is a new problem though)
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  • feature request:  ability to sort mods into folders

    -edit- ability for profiles to have entirely different mod lists (not just hide the inactive ones), ability to mass disable/enable mods(like checkboxes and a queue so you don't need to do this one at a time (similar to how downloads work, or the way you move things around before clicking apply))
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  • i2m avatar
    i2m Joined 1y ago
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    Hello! Just updated it and looking into converting my animation mod until... please, can you revert back the folder dialog (the one when we press the Search button in BNP Creator).

    The new one don't remember the last used folder and there is no place to paste the path to go straight to it. Also iy's very very very very very painful to click all the way into the sources folder each time I need to rebuild a BNP file.

    Thanks you! :)
    I may fix it!
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  • OrionKaelin avatar
    OrionKaelin Joined 2y ago
    267 points Ranked 62,237th
    29d 23d
    Tried loading another profile, got an error that it couldn't load or something. This has happened before and I just have to select a profile and load again. This time that didn't work so I restarted BCML.
    But now all my 3 profiles are missing.
    The last mods used as a profile are still listed in the profile location but none will show up in the program itself.
    Update: Was able to recover the last used profile from the files left in the folder but lost my other 2 profiles. Thankfully they didn't have as many mods as my main one that would have needed to be reacquired and ordered correctly again.
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  • Can someone please help me with installing the Linkle Mod? I'm playing on a Wii U. Linkle is only half merged with Link. Can someone set up the files correctly for me? I don't know how to work BCML even from watching the tutorial several times. Please help me ;-;

    Edit: I live in North America. That's the game region.
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