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Sonic 4 Mod Loader

A Modding Tool for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I

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Redesigned One-Click Mod Installer & new features! 1mo
  • Feature AMBPatcher now can extract files from all platforms, create empty AMBs, and remove files from them
  • Improvement AMBPatcher: added recursive file addition + lots of code review
  • BugFix Mod Manager: fixed link clicking thing that was broken for 8 months
  • Improvement Mod Manager: now you can uninstall Mod Loader without installation + added settings for CsbEditor
  • Refactor OCMI: redesign
  • Feature OCMI: Dolphin texture mods and Cheat Tables installation + update Mod Loader in one click
  • BugFix OCMI: now it will ask admin every time you (un)install it (count this as a security fix)
  • BugFix Some Linux optimizations and fixes
Full change log can be viewed in the Mod Manager or on the release page on GitHub.
1-Click Mod Installer and some other things 9mo Feature6 BugFix2 Addition Old Mods Compatibility, Sub-Patching, Big Files 1y Feature3 Addition2 Tweak Improvement BugFix Lots of bugfixes in AMBPatcher 1y Addition2 BugFix6
Mod Loader for Sonic 4

Supported games:

  • Launch the Mod Manager directly from Steam (or other default shortcuts)
  • Partial compatibility with "before mod loader" mods (no music/sound mods)
  • Mod Manager has the "Random" button for a better modding experience
  • Interface is designed for use on 720p monitors
  • Easy to create mods - place your files into the right folder and go! (if you manage to properly edit the files, of course)
  • One-Click Mod Installer can automatically install mods with 1-Click integration and from local archives and directories, including Dolphin texture mods, Cheat Tables, and updates for Mod Loader
  • Includes some easter eggs

Online documentation is available on GitHub.
Frequently asked questions are also on GitHub

You are a mod developer and having problems with the Mod Loader? Contact me and I'll try to help you.


Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Tool


Alternate File Sources


check_box_outline_blank Native Linux Support (Mono)


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    Tails_2019 Joined 3mo ago
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    The file it's a virus :(

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    Magolor? Marx Team Flag
    Marx Team
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    Hello, sorry if that isn't something you want to implement or you're currently busy, but can you add some sort of save file converter? I've tried to use my save file from the old mobile version of the game, but both the PC version of the game and the new mobile version of the game just load me to the first stage of the game. Again, sorry for disturbing if you can't/don't want to do that.
    URL afiŝi:
  • access_time 1y edit 1y
    Now it just opens up to a white screen in episode 2 regardless of the mod. I tried your no hud mod to make sure it wasn't the mod I was trying to convert to the loader and the issue persisted. (I did a clean install of the mod loader) Does your loader log any files I can provide?

    I have a legit copy from steam but the vanilla files are modified for the Classic Sonic / Tails mod which is what I was initially trying to convert to the mod loader and possibly add missing animations (for personal use unless the original creator gave permission). I already have many files changed like the title screen and such. (yet again for personal use) Does the loader require all of the normal files to be vanilla?
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    access_time 1y
    AMBPatcher's code seems interesting, The way its written is unusual, And I have learnt some interesting things from reading it, Like the way you did Bit shifting and the way you read numbers from files.
    I can code
    URL afiŝi:
  • access_time 1y edit 1y
    I don't think this works with episode 2. I know you haven't tested it but I'm just confirming that it does not work from what I've tested.
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    Hey can we add 1-click integration? Please come join the #mod-installers channel on our discord and we can discuss it!
    testing 1234 222
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Key Authors
Main programmer, Icon designer
Third party works
CsbEditor (from SonicAudioTools)


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Mod Loader by OSA413 under the MIT License.

CsbEditor (from SonicAudioTools) by Skyth under the MIT License.

7-Zip Copyright (C) Igor Pavlov. (License)




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