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SA2 Mod Loader - A Modding Tool for Sonic Adventure 2


Automatic Self-Updates 4y
  • Feature Instead of just telling you there's an update, the mod manager will now offer to automatically download and install the updates for you.
GameBanana Mod Updates 4y Feature Feature Update 4y Feature

SA2’s Mod Loader

This is the main way to use mods with SA2. The SA2 Mod Loader.

It supports file replacement mods, custom code mods, cheat codes, and debug logs.

1. Required Downloads

In order to get the mod manager to function as it should, you need to download and install the files listed down below. Once installed, restart your PC and then proceed to setting up the mod manager.

DirectX web installer runtime (Click Here) (you need this to get the game working first if you can’t run the game by default)

Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2010 Redistributable - x86 (Click Here) - x64 (Click Here)

Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2012 Redistributable (Click Here)

Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2013 Redistributable (Click Here)

Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2015, 2017, 2019 Redistributable (Click Here)

.NET Framework 4.8 Runtime (Click Here)

2. Updates

The latest version of the mod manager is always available at, which has been linked down below for those that scroll straight to the bottom to download the file.
If you’ve downloaded it from the Gamebanana download page for the mod manager, be sure to update it as you won’t be able to run all the new mods that have been released.
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  • Concerning the codes used to give Tails Shadow and Rouge the upgrades their counterparts have but they don't ie: the protection armor for Tails, the bounce bracelet and magic gloves for Shadow, and the air necklace for Rouge, are they found in game or are they automatically used?
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  • I was having a problem where the game crashed past the Sonic Team logo and I finally managed to avoid that - by turning off the Vsync in my Nvidia settings. (actually, I set it to "do whatever the running application does", it's in my language so I'm not sure how it sounds properly in English)
    So, yeah, I guess it messes up timings somehow and it could help someone here...
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  • I Just Installed SA2 and then the Mod Launcher and I get this error : "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately. The system cannot find the file specified." What is missing? I already put it the Sonic Adventure 2 folder.
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  • Sorry for asking this, but is there a more recent guide on how to load mods to the game? I'm unsure how to do the 1-click download option.
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    SonicSpeedDude Joined 3y ago
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    I have an issue, for some reason now whenever I load a mod with sound changes like Modern SA2, the game doesn't play the new music and sounds, instead it plays the original versions. 
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  • LuigiNumber1 avatar
    LuigiNumber1 Joined 3y ago
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    Is it possible to rebind the button needed for the Super Jump code? I would like it to be mapped to Y instead rather than the same button for jumping. 
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    NickRich22 Joined 2y ago
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    I have a problem.

    Every time I load the game up with the mod loader, or in general, it crashes as soon as it hits the first loading screen. 

    Is there something I'm doing wrong before I load the game ?
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    a_random_guy Joined 3y ago
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    Is it possible to use the the D-Pad up/down to grow/sink or huge/mini size codes with a keyboard and if so how?
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  • I'm a dumb and don't know how to put in codes. I was trying to use the chao garden tree and hero fruit fixes you posted on sonic retro(I would link but I just made this account.) but it says Error loading code list: Invalid code line "patch "Hero Garden Fruit Fix" " in mods\Codes.lst:line 180

    I have no idea what I'm doing.
    EDIT: I think I fixed it. I needed to capitalise the P in patch. It stopped giving me the error and when I went to the chao garden the tree fix worked. I don't have the hero garden yet since I just got the game on Steam so I can't tell if that fix works yet.
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    I have no idea how to fix this; it just suddenly broke on me when trying to get my mods set up.

    I'm beyond pissed.
    A Man of Many Mods...Installed
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