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SA2 Mod Loader - A Modding Tool for Sonic Adventure 2


Automatic Self-Updates 4y
  • Feature Instead of just telling you there's an update, the mod manager will now offer to automatically download and install the updates for you.
GameBanana Mod Updates 4y Feature Feature Update 4y Feature

SA2’s Mod Loader

This is the main way to use mods with SA2. The SA2 Mod Loader.

It supports file replacement mods, custom code mods, cheat codes, and debug logs.

1. Required Downloads

In order to get the mod manager to function as it should, you need to download and install the files listed down below. Once installed, restart your PC and then proceed to setting up the mod manager.

DirectX web installer runtime (Click Here) (you need this to get the game working first if you can’t run the game by default)

Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2010 Redistributable - x86 (Click Here) - x64 (Click Here)

Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2012 Redistributable (Click Here)

Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2013 Redistributable (Click Here)

Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2015, 2017, 2019 Redistributable (Click Here)

.NET Framework 4.8 Runtime (Click Here)

2. Updates

The latest version of the mod manager is always available at, which has been linked down below for those that scroll straight to the bottom to download the file.
If you’ve downloaded it from the Gamebanana download page for the mod manager, be sure to update it as you won’t be able to run all the new mods that have been released.
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  • Zelite avatar
    Zelite Joined 2d ago
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    Hello, I'm also having trouble with the Data_DLL.dll thing. I have all the required downloads, and I have extracted the zip directly into the SA2 folder. I don't know what else to do.

    EDIT: Ok, so I'm a bit dumb; I didn't realize it was commented that you extract all the files from the zip into the main SA2 folder...WITHOUT it adding in a Modloader folder. Hope my dumbery is useful for others that didn't understand the context like me.
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  • Hi had everything settled until this happened I tried getting around it but can't figure it out. It says Data_DLL.dll could not be found cannot determine state of installation.
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  • Darticide avatar
    Darticide Joined 5mo ago
    97 points Ranked 88,126th
    This has been life-changing
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  • Kabooki22 avatar
    Kabooki22 Joined 3mo ago
    170 points Ranked 76,185th
    Does this function with Redream?
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  • Bolex avatar
    Bolex Joined 15d ago
    crashes at omochao loading screen....

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  • Kermit1027 avatar
    Kermit1027 Joined 29d ago
    Does this work with the pc disc version of sa2
    • wtf x 1
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  • HyperKnuckles99 avatar
    HyperKnuckles99 Joined 2y ago
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    Mod Manager works for me but every time I check for updates I get this. SA1's mod manager doesn't give me this problem and I have all the Microsoft Visual Studio C++ programs installed.
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  • The game crashes after the loading screen.
    Just. Make. Money.
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  • R.A.P avatar
    R.A.P Joined 1y ago
    273 points Ranked 63,450th
    how do i add mods in
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  • This is beyond an amazing mod tool for SA2. I greatly appreciate the hard work you've put in over the years to improve upon this.
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