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Modboy - A Modding Tool for Modboy


V3.10 - Czech Translations and Dependency Updates 2mo
  • Addition Czech translations
  • Improvement Updated SharpCompress version to a newer one.
Thanks a lot to hernik for providing the Czech translations!
v3.9 - Mod Submission Type Support 5mo Addition2 Adjustment v3.8 - API URL Update and Launch URL Error Message 6mo Adjustment Addition Refactor v3.7 - Download Error Message 1y Addition v3.6b - Let's try that again 3y BugFix

What is Modboy?

It's a tool to help download, install and manage mods available through Gamebanana for a variety of different games (listed here).

Differences from Modboy 2.x:

  • Login is no longer required.
  • Installed mods are no longer recorded on Gamebanana.
  • Modboy will now fail the install if it is unable to extract an archive, and notify the user as such.
  • Old Modboy endpoints on Gamebanana are no longer used. Core GB-API enpoints have been updated to support information needed.
  • Expected format of Modboy URLs has changed to modboy://,,
  • Description of a mod is now constructed from the game name, category name and submission type.
  • Better error handling and verbiage regarding failure to uncompress archive.
  • Filing a bug (for the time being) consists of Modboy copying relevant data to the clipboard and opening Gamebanana to PM me.

Help out by making Modboy configs for games you love! The config guide is here.

Got a question? Ask it here.

Please consider rating Modboy and voting me for Tooler of the Month.


Investigate Link on history page not working Investigate verify window not disappearing. Filtering mods by type (skins, maps, etc) Temporarily disabling mods Low Priority Dark Mode Low Priority
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  • Daimy2033 avatar
    Daimy2033 Joined 2mo ago
    No matter what I do I'm getting the Failed to execute crucial installation command and I'm unsure of what to do, I'm trying to install the Pyramid Head PTB chase theme for Dead by Daylight. 
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  • Agent_F4Z avatar
    Agent_F4Z Joined 8mo ago
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    So uh, tried to download a spray, and guess what? It froze. Just keeps me on "Installing" forever.
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  • my modboy isnt working when I try to download a mod for tf2 it wont download and just stays at the downloading part, this has been happening for a while now, do I need to reinstall modboy and tf2?
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  • luckyz avatar
    luckyz Joined 5y ago
    I can't see or scroll down to see Games that are available I don't know if that's only a me thing or not, is there something I've done wrong?
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  • when i press the install button for mods it doesn't work
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  • Erh- guys ? It is just me or I don't see the download button in almost all gamebanana's mods pages/sections ??
    UlTiMe ANiMaTRoNic-Remember It
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  • Dordon avatar
    Dordon Joined 5mo ago
    There's no install button.
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  • doesnt work, every single time i try to download somthing it says "Failed to execute crucial installation command. The task cannot continue"
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  • Won't allow me to stop an installation, now I have to remove something because it crashes my game (not the install) 
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  • DimitrijeNOOB avatar
    DimitrijeNOOB Joined 6mo ago
    116 points Ranked 78,366th
    6mo 6mo
    When i link it to counter strike 1.6 folder it doesnt work, when i link it to cstrike it doesnt work either.. . Im sure thats problem, iv tried many mods its same for everything.
    Bananite avatar
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