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Modboy - A Modding Tool for Modboy


V3.10 - Czech Translations and Dependency Updates 2mo
  • Addition Czech translations
  • Improvement Updated SharpCompress version to a newer one.
Thanks a lot to hernik for providing the Czech translations!
v3.9 - Mod Submission Type Support 5mo Addition2 Adjustment v3.8 - API URL Update and Launch URL Error Message 6mo Adjustment Addition Refactor v3.7 - Download Error Message 2y Addition v3.6b - Let's try that again 3y BugFix

What is Modboy?

It's a tool to help download, install and manage mods available through Gamebanana for a variety of different games (listed here).

Differences from Modboy 2.x:

  • Login is no longer required.
  • Installed mods are no longer recorded on Gamebanana.
  • Modboy will now fail the install if it is unable to extract an archive, and notify the user as such.
  • Old Modboy endpoints on Gamebanana are no longer used. Core GB-API enpoints have been updated to support information needed.
  • Expected format of Modboy URLs has changed to modboy://,,
  • Description of a mod is now constructed from the game name, category name and submission type.
  • Better error handling and verbiage regarding failure to uncompress archive.
  • Filing a bug (for the time being) consists of Modboy copying relevant data to the clipboard and opening Gamebanana to PM me.

Help out by making Modboy configs for games you love! The config guide is here.

Got a question? Ask it here.

Please consider rating Modboy and voting me for Tooler of the Month.
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    I have a bug.

    When i open this file from user, file closes immediately... but when i open this file from admin, all ok...

    Can you solve the error?
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  • When I try to use modboy to download an animation, it say
    task install for mod[387155/] failed, can anyone help me? Here is the link:
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    can you make it to where i can install sound effects?
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    Esbum Joined 3y ago
    literally everytime i download this one mod it always say "fail to execute crucial installation command. the task cannot continue" when i did the task completely right, i found me team fortress 2 folder on the common but it still didn't work.
    i use ms paint to create mods
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  • Every time I try installing a mod it always says it failed to download it. Please help.
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    Left Server
    Hello AoM, I need a little help. So I just installed Modboy to my computer successfully. So know I tried to click on (Modboy 1-click install) and the next thing that shows up is a blank website that says (Untitled) and the URL says [modboy://Skin, 158136,192670] I'm just trying to use Modboy on your Warpaint Promo Carepack. Thank AoM for reading this, and I hope you have a great rest of your New Years Day. 
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  • please help its not working. i only have one mod that worked but the others did not worked the skins are not working
    please help
    game: team fortress 2
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    Ruler Productions
    The Custom Folder method folder method is broken and DLC 3 does not work and this just does the Custom Folder method so sadly for me it is useless. (but most things related to mods like beemod 2 have not been working lately so...)
    'Welcome to the BB Mod Menu.' avatar
    'Welcome to the BB Mod Menu.'
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    Paper Clip Joined 3y ago
    it donst workk pleses help

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  • i did not find Modboy useful and would like to delete the program but am having difficulties, may i have some assistance?
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