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HedgeModManager - A Modding Tool for Sonic Generations


HedgeModManager (7.4-3) 5d
  • BugFix Fix startup crash when searching for steam games
HedgeModManager (7.3-4 - 7.4-2) 15d Addition7 BugFix Refactor Adjustment HedgeModManager (7.3-1 - 7.3-3) 2mo Addition3 Tweak Refactor BugFix2 HedgeModManager (7.2-7 - 7.3-0) 3mo Addition3 Improvement BugFix7 HedgeModManager (7.2-5 - 7.2-6) 8mo BugFix4 Addition Optimization
HedgeModManager is a program based off Radfordhound's SLWModLoader to help people manage/load mods for the 3+ popular Hedgehog Engine Games for PC

HedgeModManager Features:
  • Built-in Steam game detection - Run HedgeModManager.exe anywhere and HedgeModManager will find your Steam games
  • Easy Mod Loader Managing - Handles all the configuration for the supported ModLoaders
  • 1-Click Install support with GameBanana - Install mods from GameBanana by just clicking the 1-Click Install button then Download
  • Cheat Codes and patches  - Ability to load any cheat code and patch from our community driven database using FML, GCL and LCL
  • Drag-drop Install - Just drag in any Zip/Rar/7z file that contains a mod to Install it
  • Drag to reorder mods - Just drag and drop the mod in the order you want the mod loaded
  • Mod Config Creator and Editor - Creates/Edits mod ini files
  • Game Switcher - Switch between all the supported games while only using one shortcut
  • Mods Updating - HedgeModManager will check for mod updates and let you know if there is any and will download them for you
  • And More...

Supported Games:
Sonic Forces (ForcesModLoader)
Sonic Lost World (CPKREDIR and LCL)
Sonic Generations (CPKREDIR and GCL)
Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 (TenpexModLoader)
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  • ValVoice avatar
    ValVoice Joined 4mo ago
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    When I install the Mod Loader, my copy of Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 will not boot. Please tell me how I can diagnose the issue!
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  • mind telling me why every time i download an update or the manager itself, my computer tells me there's a virus?

    URL afiŝi:
  • how create archive dll for mods,
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  • I tried to update it and it crashed, I couldn't load it back up
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  • Speedlord20 avatar
    Speedlord20 Joined 4mo ago
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    Can you mod Forces on a x86 bits pc?
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  • Idiot In A Hat avatar
    Idiot In A Hat Joined 2mo ago
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    remember a week ago when this was considered a virus by mcafee
    will kill a child porn poster
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  • Blue90 avatar
    Blue90 Joined 1mo ago
    the ps3 hud never works anymore ever sense i started using hedgemodmanager
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  • Redbird avatar
    Redbird Joined 2y ago
    2mo 2mo
    Why does the program always fail to update for me? I get the update prompt. I click Update, it downloads the update, then it closes and nothing happens. When I open the mod manager again I see that it didn't install the update, and I get the update prompt again. Am I doing something wrong??

    I'm on Windows 10 if it matters. I've manually updated the program many times, but the issue always persists.
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  • Yes-I-Am-A-Robot avatar
    Yes-I-Am-A-Robot Joined 3y ago
    612 points Ranked 46,687th
    Heres a request:

    Add a way to keep certain mods in certain positions, so if you have a mod with a that starts with a "z" you can always keep it in a position so if you ever turn it off, you don't have to keep resorting everything
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    Added white theme (synchronizes with system theme) (7.3-3)

    Yeah, I can't change my system theme because my copy of Windows isn't activated. So now every time I wanna mod my game my eyes just bleed. 
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