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Mania Mod Loader - A Modding Tool for Sonic Mania


EGS Update Again 5mo
  • Tweak Updated mod loader for the newest EGS release.
I forgot to post the update on GB, sorry.
EGS Compatibility Update 7mo 1.06 R2 3y Addition BugFix 1.06 Final 3y Adjustment 1.06 Support 3y Overhaul Addition3
The current version of the Mod Loader is only compatible with the latest version of Sonic Mania on Steam. The Origin release is NOT supported. If you want to use mods with an older version of the game, you will have to find an older version of the Mod Loader.
This tool allows you to use mods and cheat codes in Sonic Mania.

Make sure to extract the .7z file into your Sonic Mania game folder!
Not doing so will result in the mod loader malfunctioning.

For EGS Users:
While the EGS mod loader is compatible, it is no longer supported and may not receive much updates e.g. updating to new game releases and codes.
Also keep in mind that DLL mods will NOT work unless the developer states its compatible. 

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    not existing
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    What is "GitHubAsset"?
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    im away binch
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    The "FEATURE UPDATE" makes me think of this

    I'm too lazy to edit my profil avatar
    I'm too lazy to edit my profil
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    The new update is giving a broken update notice for the Mod Loader itself, resulting in this message even after reinstalling from the opened link a few times;

    Also, two questions;

    1) Does the new Configure function mean updates to your other mods are planned? SMPS Music having fitting tracks to choose from (like your Sonic & Knuckles Collection SMPS mod) comes to mind.

    2) Is a code that forces skipped cutscenes/transitions without Debug Mode possible? Like an inverse of the Don't Skip Cutscenes In Debug Mode code.
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    4y 4y
    Mod Loader fails to open anymore after the latest update, which is a shame because these features seem really useful. I've approved it on every antivirus I have yet it still doesn't even run, not even as a background task.

    EDIT: I got it working by downloading the one on your website thing. It did say my settings file or whatever differed from the one in the mods folder, was I meant to overwrite the installed one?
    Apollyon says Trans rights
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    dude, i cant open up, it keeps popping up my anti virus thingy and now it says "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item"
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    Something strange has happened to me. Anytime i Even use the Mod loader, the game prevents me from playing any character But Sonic. Why is this happening?
    Emerald Warrior
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  • NetkilRBLX avatar
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    MainMemory, you did a really good job on this modloader thanks for the "Never Drown" code it really helped me beat Hydrocity quickly.
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    Harder Joined 4y ago
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    How i can update the game if i have a cracked version?
    I rather chuckle
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    How do I use VGMStream in my mod? More specifically, I'm trying to load music in BRSTM format.
    Retired Sonic Mania Modder
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    make an zip file instead, what if someone don't want to have 7zip, problem?
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