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Meteor - A Modding Tool for Super Smash Bros. (Wii U)


Pre-release Launch 4y
  • Addition Added download for the pre release of Meteor. Will be patched to become Launch version
Demo was there, not anymore 5y
Hello there. Welcome to this page.

First off, please read this red text. I'm releasing Meteor as it is now because my PC is dying. Until I get new parts and a working computer, that can take a long time. This is why I'm launching Meteor in it's current version. There are things missing such as MSL imports and a few bugs left. Still, this will be patched later on.
Second thing is have fun, and please report bugs to me on my discord, it would be greatly appreciated !

You might be wondering, what is Meteor exactly?

I'll tell ya.

It's a mod organiser for Sm4sh Bros. It does not replace Sm4sh File Explorer, but rather works with it.

It provides several cool features, lemme explain them.

1) It's a Library

What this means is that it can store alot of content, with all the data you need to know what mod this is, and where it's put.

2) It provides easy ways to add mods

This is an app that is made to make Sm4sh Modding easy. It can detect mod files when dropped and will add the content.

This app can also directly install mods from Gamebanana.
If you see this link, 

then the mod was made for Meteor and the page will provide a link that when clicked will download the mod and install it for you. Nothing more to do !

3) It supports various mod types

Meteor can manage skins and nameplates at the moment of the release, but there will also be stages, voices, and custom content (which basically could be anything you want, some restrictions will apply though)

4) It can build a modpack

What this means is that Meteor will be able to put everything in the right spot, ready for Sm4sh Explorer to pack ! (Regional differences managed)

5) Multiple workspaces

That is what the title says. You can manage multiple workspaces with Meteor. And no need to add the same content twice. Once it's in Meteor, it can be added in multiple workspaces easily.

6) ui_character_db file management

Meteor can also setup the file according to the built workspace. If Mario's got 15 skins, the file will be automatically changed to reflect that count. Never worry again !

That's what's to know about Meteor.
There will be a detailed Wiki at the moment of launch if you need further assistance with how it runs.

Expected release date : very soon.
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