MarineBots v0.91 (Linux)

A Modding Tool for Firearms

This is the final version bots for Half-Life FireArms RC2.4-3.0 Windows Server.

Marine Bot 0.91 Beta Readme File DISTRIBUTION PERMISSIONS AND DISCLAIMER This program may be distributed in any way provided that you keep the entire package complete (or preferably use the .exe installer) and credit the authors. You may NOT charge in any way for ownership of, or access to, this program without the prior consent of the authors, either in writing or via email at . We will almost certainly agree if it is to be included on a magazine CD or other similar medium, but Games Fusion and the like will never get our consent. This software is provided 'as is'. There is no warranty, expressed or implied, or technical support, although we will endeavour to answer all queries. The authors are not responsible for any loss of data or any other damage resulting from the use or misuse of this program. Likewise the authors cannot be held responsible for the use or misuse of this software by third parties. Use of this software is AT YOUR OWN RISK! This software is BETA. This means it has not undergone full and rigorous testing on mulitple system setups, and may cause your computer to crash or become unstable (although we very much doubt this). If you experience any problems please let us know. The source code for this software is released under the terms of the GNU Public Licence and is available soon after release from along with full details of the Licence. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Any PC capable of running Half-Life will be able to run Marine Bot. You will require a copy Half-Life and the Firearms mod. MB 0.91 Beta is designed for Firearms versions 2.9-3.0, but also works to a degree with versions 2.4-2.8, and may have some compatability with other versions. Marine Bot 0.91 works with Steam, WON and WON2 systems. CHANGELOG: Please see the file version_history.txt installed in your firearms/marine_bot directory for a full changelog. INSTALLATION: Before you make any changes, back up the liblist.gam file in your /hlds_l/firearms directory. I cannot stress this enough, don't make any changes until you have made a backup (navigate to your /hlds_l/firearms directory and run the command "cp liblist.gam liblist.gam.bak", that should do the trick). There are two ways to install Marine Bot on Linux, use method one if you do not have Metamod installed, use method two if you do have Metamod installed. This applies to both methods. Before you begin untar the Marine Bot Linux install package into your root hlds_l directory (move the file to your hlds_l directory and run the command "tar -xvzf MB091.tar.gz). Method 1 (without Metamod) Open the liblist.gam file in your /hlds_l/firearms directory with your favourite text editor and change the following line: gamedll_linux "dlls/" to: gamedll_linux "marine_bot/" Method 2 (with Metamod) Navigate to your Metamod directory, /hlds_l/firearms/addons/metamod. If there is no config.ini file, create it (run the command, "touch config.ini"). Open that file with your favourite text editor and add the following line: gamedll marine_bot/ That's it, Marine Bot should now be installed and ready to go. Read the hlds_cmds.txt file for specifics on operating Marine Bot. UNINSTALLATION Unistallation is simple. Simply reverse the changes you made above. If you modified your liblist.gam file replace it with the back up that you made. CONTROLLING MARINE BOT There is a version of the Firearms command menu included with Marine Bot that gives you full control over your bots in FA 2.8 and above. You can access this menu by pressing the command menu key (by default 'p') ingame. You can change this key in the Options screen for Firearms. Note that this is for a listenserver only, see the hlds_cmds.txt file for a full listing of all commands available on a dedicated server. If you are running FA 2.7 or below, you can control Marine Bot using the menu bound to your END key. CREDITS AND CONTRIBUTIONS The Marine Bot Team ------------------- Founder, Lead Programmer: Frank McNeil Team Coordinator, Emailing, Throwing Rocks From Afar: Drek Programming: _shadow_fa Linux conversion: Sargeant.Rock, _shadow_fa Documentation: Drek, Frank McNeil, Modest Genius Artwork: ThChosenOne Waypointers: Drek, Frank McNeil, Modest Genius Testers: Drek, Modest Genius, Mosef, Sargeant.Rock Ex Team Members --------------- Buv: Linux Testing Cervezas: Waypointing Cpl. Shrike: Programming Creslin: Testing, Linux Elektra: Forums Administration glendale2x: Linux gregor: Waypointing, Testing Loule: Waypointing Mav: Programming oldmanbob: Lead Waypointer, Testing Pastorn: Waypointing, Testing Recce: Waypointing Rogacz: Testing Seeker: Waypointing, Testing Spicoli: Testing Wyx: Waypointing Website ------- Our website can be found on any of these mirrors: Website Hosting and Maintainance: Sargeant.Rock domain funding: Sargeant.Rock External Contributors and Other Credits --------------------------------------- Some parts of this program are based on Botman's HPB bot template. Thanks Botman! You can download Botman's templates and get help on using them or any aspect of programming your own bot at We are an officially supported project of United Admins (, and all content is available via their website. Thanks to UA for all their help. Some waypoints have been created externally. Credits for these appear when they are loaded. Thanks to Zneaker (BoCbot author) for some advice in the beginning. Very special thanks to Cale "Mazor" Dunlap (Firearms coder) who was always helpful and gave us access to Firearms betas. Special thanks to all those who mirror Marine Bot or waypoints. Thanks to all server admins running MarineBot on their servers. Thanks to YIS at for generous hosting offer. Thanks to all who have contributed with ideas, suggestions and bug reports on our forums or by email. Contact ------- If you have any questions, or find any problems that aren't already addressed in the FAQ or other documentation, you can contact us by any of these methods (in order of our preference): Our official Marine Bot forums at Email us at Please remember to include all details of Firearms, Half-Life, Steam and Marine Bot versions. The more information you give us on your problem, the easier it will be for us to help you. Please note that we work on Marine Bot in our spare time as a hobby, and therefore it may be some time before we get back to you. We will however endeavour to answer every query we receive. And finally thanks to you for playing with Marine Bot!
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