Will this ever come to an end?

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Okay... I've had just about enough... WHY do people ALWAYS have to flame other people because of their opinions? Hmm? I've just finished reading the last thread about PS3 I'll ever read... It always end up being nothing but "360 has better graphics", and "The WII WIIll kick Sony's crap PS3's ass"... Let's face it guys... If we can't come to an agreement, then shut up... There will be major differences, and there's nothing you can do about... I believe people are QUITE able to make their own opinion about which console's the best... We don't need your "The 8 core thing is crap, because it takes a lot of power to split the data into 8 parts, and it's way harder than splitting it into 2 or 3..." Hmm.... All right... well... The 360 is shit because MICROSOFT has got something to do with it... And that's about where all the smart people are leaving, and the freaks take over the conversation... I bet 9/10 are only saying that shit because they heard there best mate had read something about it on the web, and HE says the WII will kick ass... Please... Am I the only one who's just about fed up with all the damn discussions about the next gen consoles? Well... Guess that's it... You may now start flaming me, but for god's sake, don't start talking about WHY it's better... there're plenty of threads out there you can post all your bs in...



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