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EDIT: If this is in the wrong forum or adverts arent allowed could you be kinded enough to move it, tar. The UKCS Community website is in need of a new homepage. And so im here to see if anyone from the CS community will volunteer to re-make it. UKCS has 3 Servers atm: 32 player CS 1.6 server, CS 1.6 clan practice server and a 64 player CSSource MEGA server!! The community is growing larger every day and has so much to offer. For example the fastest Source server in the world that received 220,000 uniqe IP's last month alone. That we are sure if you checked out the server and visited the forums someone will like what they see and contact us offering support. What do you get in return for your graft? Nothing goes un-rewarded. Contact me and we can sort something out.. Reguards, Twitch Admin/Head PR Source Server: UKCS:Source#1 -



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