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A Reminder to Baldi Modders

A Forum Thread for Baldi's Basics

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Notice: Please don't show hate or any bad behavior in the comment section. Keep your anger of these profiles I mentioned to yourself and be mature. You are not making the section better by saying offensive words to the banned users in public.

Pretty much it's unnecessary because the website already showed Age RestrictionsToS, and Site Rules at the footer (bottom page). But I'm pretty sure that majority didn't bother reading the rules or maybe stubborn to read. So here are the most crucial part related to the Section Shutdown warning. But I will not include ALL of them since you can check them out yourself at the links above.

Age Restriction:

Terms of Service:

As mentioned in the Baldi's Basics Community Rules:
4. No mod for the game should be shared commercially in any way, as said by mystman12, the creator of the game.

Site Rules:

Suggestion to non-English speakers, you don't have to force yourself to use Google Translate. It is recommended to put prefix in the title, not only for your mods but for help threads. I'm sure there will be other people commenting the same language as you. You don't have to ask in broken english with bad grammar as it might lead to misleading comments.
[SPA] [ENG] Baldi's Basics Spanish Mod
This WIP have Spanish description but also have English for English users as well.

As for Abuse, don't be like him!

This was mentioned in the Welcome Page too.

That's pretty much the most important rules that you have to follow. Honestly, it is recommended to read ALL OF THE RULES.
Don't be like these guys who got banned for immaturity, death threats, or underage.

Also please, don't start witch-hunting them outside Gamebanana. We hope they will learn from their mistakes and so are you too. And if you admit yourself that you are under 13, feel free to leave the site and come back once you are at the right age. Gamebanana is intended for mature audience.
You're not supposed to say the f-word at that age or to anyone else. Be civil and be good!

Gamebanana is for good boys and girls, 13 and up.
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    You're right. The gamebanana is the modding community. Anyone from all over the world can join this community as long as they follow the rules before they can join, mostly if they have their age high enough and also understand all the rules on this website. Remember, rules are created for us to follow. Not break it.
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    Always basic but fun
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    Thank you for posting this! Over the next few weeks we will be cracking down on low quality posts and submissions, nonsensical comments, immaturity and comments with poor spelling and grammar in an effort to elevate Baldi out of it's current state of chaos. We know there are dedicated modders here putting in effort and care with their work and treating GameBanana with respect and we thank them for their support.
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    testing 1234 222
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    Honestly I agree. I just feel like we're taking this too seriously, My threads have been deleted for spam when it isn't even spam. Danial & BlackSwordsMan i feel like are abusing what you have. Look at the images:
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