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Why did this happen?

A Forum Thread for Baldi's Basics

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Hello everyone, CS PRO is here. I'm not sure if you remember me but I used to help managing the section since last May. I made a blog post back then hoping to bring this section out of the graveyard.. Well after half a year later, things didn't go as expected..

I started monitoring the section alongside Kyle and Luis trying to use some of my previous experience in other sections to provide assistance and training to our then-new managers. For the first couple of months everyone noticed a massive improvement in the quality of the submissions and the members in the section. I stepped up from managing since Kyle and Luis were taking good care by themselves. Conditions in the section were getting better and closer to a return to the homepage. Well, good things never last don't they?

So what I'm trying express is my own disappointment.. When the section was blocked back then, everyone in the moderating team (including me initially) wanted the section to be terminated. This decision.. It was a first of its kind on the site and more than 70% of the team agreed to wipe out the section for good. Tom didn't believe in that, instead he gave everyone here a second chance. It was against the spirit of the Banana to simply kick everyone away! This site has been a home for thousands of modders from all over the globe, doing mods and expressing their passion to their favorite games. He changed my mind at that point and I agreed to help.

When I look at the escalation that happened during the last month. I feel so sad for such a community that still can not apply to simple rules for over a year! And all the recent death threats and bad behavior overall is something I've never seen in the entirety of my career as a modder. And I can feel all the honest Baldi modders here who are being attacked by those who just couldn't act like their age!

I wanted to start 2020 with all around positivity and creativity. Now I'm totally shocked at every single member here that still wants to break the rules no matter what they were.. With the last warning of the section shutdown being issued by tom, I can't say more than sorry for every single honest modder here who may be affected by this.

I gotta admit, if the section was eventually shutdown.. I won't regret every single moment I was around to help it get better, because I know what it is to have a passion for a certain game..
Thanks to all those who helped me, Kyle, Luis and other admins in this section, I wish everyone here the best in their lives and the stuff they like to do.

Thanks for taking your time reading this, hope you all have a good time.

- 2020

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    Honestly can't blame you guys for considering terminating the Baldi Section 

    The amount of Autistic MsPaint Garbage this community splurts out on a near-daily basis is actually disgusting 
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    Aurora Borealis?!
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    I'm just gonna copy-paste this from the other thread to re-iterate the current situation:

    For those of you freaking out and already jumping ship over this, please do keep in mind that THIS IS NOT EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.

    However, the fate of the Baldi's Basics section is hinging entirely on the Baldi's Basics community and whether you guys can actually follow the rules, as well as not letting every incident between each of you spilling into other sections of the site (i.e., sending hostile/unnecessarily rude PMs or posting on another user's profile page over every little negative thing - we have a support section to report these things in a civil manner for a reason, and the site rules are meant to be used as your guidelines to determine if it's something to report).

    To put it simply, try to act more civil and don't try to start drama. If you have a problem with someone or their submission(s), make sure that what you are reporting them for is a valid reason (i.e., stolen content, abusive user, game section rule violations, etc.) and submit a support ticket for us to review and take action on (if necessary) instead. We understand that you guys would like to keep the section, but if you guys aren't able to improve and start following the rules more closely, the decision to remove the section may end up happening.

    In short, follow the rules, be civil towards one another, and use the report feature/support section responsibly instead of attacking each other, and you could very well prove to us that the section is worth keeping.

    So long as the Baldi's Basics community can clean itself up and start following the rules accordingly, they might have a chance to actually save the section from being removed.
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    Rev up those G-Diffusers.
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    I'm gonna try to be extremely honest with everything you said right here.

    What my problem is with the baldi section and the community is that there's been way too many threads and people would usually post more than one poorly made mod on this section every often or so, which I do consider that has "spamming", and the misbehaving kids, yes i've seen them before.

    What most of the problem i have is the threads, sounds, and polls, i feel like it floods way too much in this section, i mean of course, i DO know they are allowed on the section but i feel like this is usually a "happens too often" thing, like there's more threads than actual mods in this section, and some of them are unnecessary too.

    With that said, it seems like poorly made mods are rare nowadays thankfully, (even i blame myself, i was terrible at modding at first though), but i hope we can still make this section a lot better, and i hope at least there will be less threads...
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    I may understand that some proper Baldi's modders are saddened because of this.

    But I have seen that this community is the worst. The moderation of this section is hard,a lot of stupid submissions,hate and drama.

    This is a positive change for me. The super toxic community gets kicked in the gut.
    Maybe it will learn and everything will good for everyone. Maybe not. At least everyone else will be happy.

    Some would say that is a moderator problem. It is not. Staff were doing their best and now they're sure they cannot manage the unending amount of toxicity.

    You as a community are solely responsible.

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