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Things I hope to see in 1.9.4

A Forum Thread for Sonic Boll

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1.9.4 fanmade update list.

I hope to see the following in 1.9.4:

1. The mechanic from SMW where if you collect two of the same power, you carry it in a little box on the screen, and you could press space to drop it.

2. CPU 2 player, just like in 1.8, but you can select which character they are.

3. More easter eggs

4. More abilities for Mario, like the long jump or twirl.

5. Bug fixes, such as when you put a slope leading to a wall, the player will "BLJ" and possibly die.

6. Playable Bowser from the old updates.
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    The long jump is in the game

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    super and hyper sonic
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    next update is 2.0 as confirmed by vocacola
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    A Mario Royale Revival Dev
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    Hey there. I'm part of the Dev Team, so I'll answer these questions on their behalf.

    1. Since the gameplay is based on SMB1, features from other Mario games won't be added.

    2. CPU players were always really buggy. That's why only Robo Sonic was used. With the addition of custom levels, the AI would be even more broken. We removed them due to this.

    3. More easter eggs will be inevitable. Also, if you saw the news about the upcoming Level Contest, the winner will be able to add an easter egg of their choice.

    4. The long jump animation is used for the running jump. If you're referring to the NSMB twirl, we replaced it with the Mario Galaxy twirl, which acts as the double jump.

    5. Slopes are very buggy. Though I don't think anyone has reported this bug yet.

    6. Bowser will be playable in the future. He is confirmed along with Wario and Yoshi.

    This wasn't in the post but I'll answer it anyway: We are adding Super forms. I don't understand why people want Hyper forms though. They're basically Super forms but more "unique," and was only added because of the S3&K split. Super forms in Boll are getting this unique features, so there's no point to Hyper.
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    Hakurei Shrine Maiden
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    I would want the physics on the slopes to get polished. Especially when using the l1-l2-l2 slope formation, which causes the character to speed up above what they're man to.
    Boll Modder [Levels and Skins]
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    I would love if i could get the kid or another shooter to act more similar to the other players.  I play couch co op every day and have been doing heavy skin mods on levels and players, but the kid is just too far off to work correctly with them for me to skin him.  Id like to see guns get powerups, and health ,1 ups, for him.  It might not be too bad if he cant jump. on or touch enemies of he could a least react to coins and blocks similar to other players.
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    Mcbobby Joined 7mo ago
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    I hope you can choose a character for the cpus
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