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G-Man Theory.

A Forum Thread for Half-Life 2

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We all know who is G-Man,but we don’t know what his intentions are....Or do we?I have a theory;

Before the events of the resonance cascade it was told by Eli Vance that he saw G-Man bringing in the crystal from Xen,and was told by him to prepare for unforeseen consequences.I think G-Man’s actual plan was to lure the aliens into earth to engage the Combine,who were interested to invade Xen,so that G-Man could find a way to defeat the Combine to prevent his own species extinction.Since we all know that the Combine are basically an intergalactic organisation that survives upon slavery and tyranny across the galaxy,it got the attention of the employers of G-Man,to find a way to get rid of them in order to prevent them from death.Knowing this,the employers called out on G-Man to make a deal with them to find as pieces that were capable of destroying the race that is the Combine.After accepting their deal,G-Man came across the entities of the borderworld Xen and thought that these creatures would be capable of destroying the Combine.Now lets return to black Mesa.After G-Man finding Xen,he got a crystal from there and disguised himself as a human to get in the facility of Black Mesa.After succeeding he came across Eli and warned him to prepare for unforeseen consequences.Eli realized the imminent danger and tried to stop the experiment.After the aliens came on earth,they started to grow in population to a point that it would be enough to destroy the Combine for good.But unintentionally he came across Gordon Freeman and realized his limitless potential and thus started to stalk him.After his realization he came to a point that,Gordon could also be a potential helper for their goal and decided to hire him.Unfortunatey,Combine have found earth and in 7 hours,invaded the Earth.Gman quickly awakened Gordon again to stop the Combine,and thus after the events of Half Life 2,he is now believed Gordon Freeman was the key to defeating the Combine.So that comes to the conclusion that I think,G-Man’s true intentions were to not harm humanity but to find a way to keep their species from the slavery of the Combine,thus leading to a horrible mistake,causing the Combine to be alerted by the Xen invasion on the earth,that formed their ground to invade not the aliens and humanity at the same time.So with the help of Gordon Freeman G-Man is trying to end their reign for good.
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    I think that g-man also planted Gordon at the right time when the combine was at its most vulnerable so that Gordon would destroy the citadel and super portal. And I think in Episode  1 G-man was gonna fire Gordon and hire Alyx like in epistle 3 but the vorts wouldn't let him, allowing Gordon to continue his mission and destroy the super portal.  
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    Gman is Race X species.
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