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BBIEAL Gamebanana has a Personalization problem...

A Forum Thread for Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning

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Before you flag this thread READ THIS. 2mo
  • - This thread is suppose to cover my opinion on personalization mods that are not removed on BB Gamebanana, if you go to the main page, there's tons of they around and non of the mods have taken action for it. If you're gonna flag this thread for spam or whatever (which it obviously isn't), then you don't have a heart or know what Freedom of Speech is.
I'm making this thread because I've been seeing this for a couple days and feel like I should mention this because it's kind of serious and the community is kind of being counterinutitve for this and not caring.
What I'm trying to say is, this community makes too many Personalized mods and the mods do nothing about it, even worse if someone is less popular they get the mod removed and a more popular person doesn't (example, MissingTextureMan101's Basics, LeMichael's Basics). It's really biased and annoying, it's even happening to me.
Something needs to be done about this honestly. The rule is if you make a personalized mod, it gets deleted but they're not. I'm not trying to offend anyone with this since I've made one before but if there's gonna be personalized mods that aren't deleted whats the point of the Personalization rule?
Feel free to discuss this if you want, just disagree with me respectivelly
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    Personilization is well... lets say you have a carrot, a
    non living carrot. And you make it you.
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    The thing regarding personalised mods getting removed while some of them say intact is... well, there was a lot of controversy on a specific rule which was regarding adding full game content into Baldi Classic, which made people believe it would oliberate a lot of mods.

    If people were to make a mod that is personalised but with a good amount of effort, people would not like their hard work being wasted within minutes. Though, there's no real fix for this, unless you attempt to remove the personalised parts (aka a mod regarding someone you know but don't focus on too much on being completely personalised so you put references from a things either people literally don't know about such as Didnapper or people know and remember).

    I am going around the Baldi section withholding personalised mods right now.
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    Doing stuff, I guess.
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