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Solving the Champion's tunic unique blue issue.

A Forum Thread for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

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Unusual armor color workarounds for skins.


So, a couple of things actually came to my attention when I was looking for a specific mod. I use aldenalden4’s “Linkle Green Champion Tunic and Cap of the Wild” mod for the models, but was looking on how to change the color of just the cap to the champion’s tunic original blue while keeping the hair the mod fixes. This actually got me thinking on why Nintendo never made champion’s tunic blue a dye color and, more importantly, how I can make a work around or how to request a work around that wouldn’t be much work for whoever decided to do it. I don’t know anything about moding, which is why I have making a request on the table (though I am new, so I don’t have bounty points) so I am taking the time to try and figure out some things in relation to this issue that would be not only easy to make or request hopefully, but useful to a lot of people. Some of what I have been pondering on are as follows: (Starting with what I think is easiest to do if I had to learn to do it myself or just how easy it would be to request.)

1.  Just swapping the colors of the mod that spawned this deliberation. Might be easiest to do in my opinion, though it would only be useful for people who use that mod and the Linkle skin like myself.

2. Making it so you can dye things champion’s tunic blue. I have a feeling that, due to what might be model restrictions, you would have to make a version per Link skin (I.e a version for Link, Linkle and the Zelda mod each) so it might be a bit of work making all the different versions needed. I personally would only be using the Linkle version, but I can see it being very useful if there was a version usable by everyone.

3. Make the Champion’s tunic dyeable. Might be easier than #2, but I have a feeling actual code writing might be involved to make this one work due to its undyeable status. Would also still most likely have the same issues as #2 where you would have to make different versions for different skins, though you only have to make dyed models of the tunic and not every armor, so it might be easier than #2. However, this would be the most useful out of all the options in my opinion, as it opens up color options outside of the unique blue color(Like now you can make a red color themed set with it now or change the tunic to a shade of blue you can match.)

So, what do yall think? Is there a reason why something like #3 doesn’t already exist due to maybe the coding bit being a roadblock, at least where other skins may be concerned? Why did Nintendo not have a champion’s tunic blue dye so you can make something that matches the tunic and would adding an additional dye option to the dye store be more trouble than its worth? Do any of these sound way harder than they first appear? Wanted to get some feedback from everyone since moders can gauge how easy it would be to do myself or how difficult a request for a mod would be and general users can post to show if anyone else has an interest in something like this for the special skins, as I assume people would like the champion’s tunic to color match some of their favorite pieces of gear.


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